Employee Relations for Supervisors

University Work Force Disciplinary Procedures - Standards of Conduct

Disciplinary Procedures

University of Work Force employees are expected to adhere to specified performance standards in the performance of their duties and to comply with Federal and state laws and regulations as well as UWF rules, policies, and procedures.

Standards of conduct for University Work Force employees are outlined in University Policy HR-22.00-2004/07 "Standards of Conduct" and include the following: Time Management, Work Effort, and Work Station; Performance of Duties; Property Rights; Personal Rights; Safety Practices; Upholding Laws, Rules and Ordinances; Compliance with UWF Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Procedures.

Employee work deficiencies and breaches of conduct will be managed in a timely and equitable manner consistent with the Standards of Conduct Policy. Standards of conduct which employees are expected to meet are outlined in this policy, and employees who fail to meet these standards of conduct may have corrective action taken in accordance with the established ranges of discipline. Such corrective action shall be constructive, applied in a uniform and nondiscriminatory manner, and used for the purpose of motivating the employee to meet the University's established standards of conduct. For more information, please refer to UWF Policy HR-22.00-2004/07

  • Know the HR-15.00 and 22.00 Standards of Conduct and Policies.
  • Contact a member of the Employee Relations Teams in the Human Resources Department for consultation/guidance prior to taking disciplinary action (Sharon Jones at 850-474-2611 or Jamie Sprague at 850-474-2156).
  • Determine the type of employee problem that has occurred (conduct or work performance).
  • Investigate the employee’s violation.
  • Communicate with the employee regarding the violation.
  • Document the employee’s violation.
  • Corrective Consultation/Letter of Counseling (after consultation with HR).

For more information and further assistance on employee relations issues and the disciplinary process, please contact Jamie Sprague at 850-474-2156.