Certificate in Leadership & Management

Maximize your Leadership Potential

The Certificate in Leadership and Management program is comprised of a series of courses that are combined to represent a degree of knowledge and skills within a particular work area. By completing five (5) courses within a chosen series, a participant can earn a Certificate in Leadership and Management.

  • Conducting an Effective Performance Evaluation (for Supervisors Only)
  • Employment Essentials: What You Need to Know (for Supervisors Only)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Leave of Absence & Effort Reporting: What are the Leave Options?
  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention (Online)
  • Interviewing for an Effective Hire
  • Managing Critical Behavior Issues and Conflict in the Workplace: This Employee Issue is Critical
  • Managing Unemployment Compensation (for Supervisors Only)
  • Navigating a Sunshine Recruitment
  • PeopleAdmin 7 Performance Management
  • Team Dynamics: Building Successful Teams
  • The Power of Progressive Discipline and Performance Documentation

For more information on the Certificate in Leadership and Management, please contact Human Resources at 850-474-2694.

Course Outline

Conducting an Effective Performance Evaluation (for Supervisors Only)

Training will provide supervisors with information on how to manage the performance process, including how to express performance expectations, establish goals and objectives, write clear and concise evaluations, provide continuous constructive feedback, encourage employee participation, and provide support and resources.

Employment Essential: What You Need to Know (for Supervisors Only)

Course Description: Learn the employment laws protecting the civil and individual rights of employees. Discuss the practical application of those laws in the workplace, including harassment and discrimination issues.

Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Leave of Absence & Effort Reporting: What are the Leave Options?

Course Description: Learn how to report process of Overtime (FLSA), Special Compensatory Leave, Medical Leave (FMLA), Leaves of Absence, Workers Compensation the Federal requirements (FLSA and FMLA), and the University of West Florida Policy HR-18.00 and Standard Leave Reporting Practices will be discussed as they apply to these leaves situations.

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention (Online)

Course Description: This is a comprehensive training program that provides essential information that employees need to know about what constitutes unlawful discrimination and harassment, sexual misconduct, and sexual violence in the workplace and academic settings. This UWF training is mandatory for all university employees and must be completed every two years. The training includes a separate "Acknowledgment  of Responsibilities form. Both the training and the acknowledgment form are required and accessible through SCOOP via MyUWF.

Interviewing for an Effective Hire

Course Description: Learn interviewing tips and techniques to select the most qualified candidate for an effective hire. Participants will also learn how to avoid the legal pitfalls when interviewing candidates. 

Managing Critical Behavior Issues in and Conflict in the Work Place: This Employee Issue is Critical

Course Description: Learn strategies to manage critical behaviors and conflict in the workplace. Also learn what critical behaviors are and what your role as a manager is.

Managing Unemployment Compensation (for Supervisors Only)

Course Description: Supervisors can learn the unemployment compensation process, including: coverage, eligibility, benefits, and administration. Learn and understand why documenting the correct employment separation reason is important, learn the legal definition of “voluntary resignation” and “misconduct”, the duration of Florida’s unemployment benefits, and understand the unemployment appeal process.

Navigating a Sunshine Recruitment

Course Description: Learn and understand the requirements of the Florida Sunshine Law and how to successfully navigate a sunshine recruitment. Participants will gain knowledge concerning the role and responsibilities of the hiring official and the committee in order to conduct a fair, equitable, and effective recruitment within the University’s equal opportunity policy requirements.

PeopleAdmin 7 Performance Management

Course Description: This course will guide participants through the entire process of how to complete the annual Performance Evaluation process in the web-based, PeopleAdmin 7 system (PA7).

Team Dynamics: Building Successful Teams

Course Description: Learn key ingredients that make up a successful team and enhance team unity supported by understanding team development issues, considering where your team is in terms of development and its chance of success. Increase understanding and use of team building techniques.

The Power of Progressive Discipline and Performance Documentation

Course Description: Learn how to separate poor performance from poor attitude, and how to counsel, and discipline employees. Provide guidance to positive, progressive discipline which begin with coaching and escalating to stronger measures only as needed to solve the problem. Help managers address continuous negativity behaviors and shortcomings calmly and professionally.