Certificate of Administrative Services

The Certificate in Administrative Services is compiled of a series of courses to represent a degree of knowledge and skills within a particular work area. By completing eight (8) of the series of courses within this series, a participant can earn a Certificate in Administrative Services. To earn a certificate, the (8) eight courses must be completed within a two (2) year period.

  • Action Sheets & Essential Documents Overview
  • Active Shooter & Emergency Procedures
  • Banner User Training (Online)
  • Budget Basics (non RSP)
  • Effective Communication at Work
  • How to Create a Facilities Work Request & Submit Key Request in UWF’s Route-IT System
  • Microsoft Office Training (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Word) - online training
  • P-Card Cardholder Training (Online)
  • Payroll at UWF
  • PeopleAdmin 7 (PA7) Applicant Tracking System (Recruitment)
  • PeopleAdmin 7 (PA7) Position Management (Job Description)
  • Procurement Basic Training 
  • Services You Can Use! - Business & Auxiliary Overview
  • Travel 101
  • UWF Postal Services Workshop

Course Outline

Action Sheets & Essential Documents Overview

Course Description: This class will present an over-view of the Action Sheet and Essential Documents process for Staff, OPS, and Student employees. Detailed information on how to complete paperwork and the regulations that drive these procedures will be thoroughly discussed. Attendees will walk away with comprehensive knowledge of how to process all required documents and learn how to locate these items.

Active Shooter & Emergency Procedures

Course Description: This course will inform you how to recognize an active shooter situation and the best methods of surviving the incident. You will also review UWF’s emergency evacuation procedures and notification systems currently in place.

Banner User Training: (Online)

Course Description: This course provides new Banner INB forms users with the skills to navigate the Banner INB system. If you will only be using Self-Service Banner, you do not need to complete this course.

Budget Basics (non RSP)

Course Description: Learn the basics about UWF budgets. How the budget is established, transferred, and managed. We will be exploring the annual Operating Budget Book and Schedule C.

Effective Communication at Work

Course Description: This presentation reviews the different ways we communicate in the organization suggests how to be effective in communicating and interpreting others communication. It includes: face-to -face communication, meetings, written, electronic (email), and telephone (voicemail). It will cover the benefits and challenges for each type and offer practical do’s and don’ts to communicating at work.

How to Create a Facilities Work Request & Submit Key Request in UWF’s Route-IT System

Course Description: You will be shown steps needed to go through to create/submit a Facilities Work Request and how to properly request keys to your area.

Microsoft Software Training (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher or Word)

Course Description: Atomic Learning is a video-based technology training tool accessible in MyUWF. Atomic Learning offers UWF employees hundreds of hours of video trainings for technology, including Microsoft. In this orientation, you will learn how to access Atomic Learning and get started with your choice of Microsoft trainings. If you complete at least one of the Microsoft training series in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you will earn one credit towards the Certificate in Administration Services Program sponsored by Human Resources. In this orientation, you will also learn how to print your Microsoft Certificate of Completion and submit it to Human Resources.

P-Card Cardholder Training: (Online)

Course Description: This course provides new P-Card cardholders and P-Card Managers with a thorough understanding of the P-Card system. In addition to this course, P-Card Managers must complete Banner Basics training and P-Card Managers training. This course covers the following topics: P-Card overview, roles and responsibilities, procedures, commodity codes, and P-Card reports. This is an online course that participants may take at their own pace.

Payroll at UWF

Course Description: In this session you will re-view the payroll process as related to the payroll timeline, payroll calendar and online payroll forms, Electronic W-2’s, direct deposit procedures, and payroll reports available on information navigator. Helpful hints in processing payroll will also be discussed.

PeopleAdmin 7 (PA7) Applicant Tracking System (Recruitment)

Course Description: This course is designed to teach users how to create a recruitment, track applicants, and create a hiring proposal in the PeopleAdmin 7 (PA7) system.

PeopleAdmin 7 (PA7) Position Management (Job Description)

Course Description: This course is designed to teach users how to create a new job description, update or reclassify an existing job description, and request a change to supervisor in the PeopleAdmin 7 (PA7) system.

Procurement Basics

Course Description: This training will include P-Card, Vendor Registration, Requisitions and Purchase Orders and Solicitations.

Services You Can Use! - Business & Auxiliary Overview

Course Description: The workshop will be an Overview of Business & Auxiliary Services and will include a mixed Audio/Video PowerPoint presentation offering in-depth information about the operations within this department as well as associated areas. Operations include: Bookstore, Copy Services, Dining Services, Licensing, Nautilus Card, Parking & Transportation Services, Postal Services, Records Management, Student Printing and Vending Services. Associated areas include: Beverage Rights, Catering Exclusivity, Marketing, Name Badges and Official UWF Stationery Printing. Visits from operation managers and/or tours of operations may be included as availability and timing permits.

Travel 101

Course Description: This workshop will guide participants through steps on how to properly initiate a TAR (Travel Authorization Request) and submit a TER (Travel Expense Report). We will also be discussing the recent changes to our online travel manual and go over the new forms that travelers will now need to complete. We will discuss meals, mileage, motels, registrations, rental cars, and International/ Foreign Travel. If you handle documents for your department we encourage you to bring your questions to this session.

UWF Postal Services Workshop

Course Description: Learn everything you need to know about mail and how to use it effectively. Find out how to address your mail for success and how you can use UWF Postal Services to help save your department time and money with automated address printing and verification service. Learn about UWF Post Office operations, the Campus Mail System, Student Mail, the UWF Courier Service, and U.S. Postal Service rules. Participate in a “Field Trip” to see mail processing services in action.