Position Management

Position Management

The University of West Florida uses a Broadband Classification and Compensation system for staff employees (Human Resource policy HR-12.00). This system allows the University to focus on performance and market level by using a few, wide pay bands to determine compensation with an emphasis on management determination of pay rates. Broadbanding expands the focus from job content and scope to include the position relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities of the individuals doing the work, and thus enhances pay for performance (when applicable), better maintains a competitive job and compensation structure to aid in recruitment and retention, and streamlines administrative processes.

What are the benefits of Broadbanding?

  • Facilitates pay for performance (when applicable).
  • Supports dual career ladders, permitting supervisory and subject matter experts (technical experts) to be recognized.
  • Facilitates career development by enabling employees to move within the same band while recognizing achievements with pay adjustments.
  • Employees can receive salary increases when they improve job knowledge, skills and abilities without having to be reclassified.
  • Enhances organizational effectiveness by producing flatter organizational structures and reduces the perceived need to create additional levels of classification and/or supervision to justify higher pay.

UWF uses classification specifications, Pay Bands‌ and Pay Ranges‌ based on industry recognized classification standards and compensation market data. 

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