UWF MEN and PEARL Community

Quick Facts

Location: Pace Hall in Fall 2017/Spring 2018 and moving to Argo Hall for Fall 2018/Spring 2019

Students: UWF MEN and PEARL participants 

How to join: Select "Yes" for UWF MEN or PEARL on housing application

The UWF MEN (Men’s Empowerment Network) and PEARL (Professional Empowered And Ready for Life) community is housed on the first floor of Pace Hall for the 2017/2018 school year. It will be located in Argo Hall, hallway 1B for 2018/2019. The program is designed to offer academic and social support as well as mentoring opportunities for male and female college students UWF. All students who participate are required to uphold a standard of academic and professional excellence. Learn more about UWF MEN & PEARL on the Office of Equity and Diversity website.