Pet-friendly Community

Quick Facts

Location: Village East Building F 1st Floor

Students: Students approved to have pets (documentation is required prior to moving in) 

How to join: Select "Yes" for Pet-friendly Community on housing application and be approved by the Central Housing Office

Apartments on the 1st floor of Building F in Village East complex have been designated as pet-friendly. Residents in the pet-friendly community may choose to own a pet or simply have the desire to be in a community with pets. This community is reserved for upperclassmen students. Upperclassmen can be added to the pet-friendly list when applying for housing. Residents will be contacted if approved. 

 Permitted pets 

Fish in a tank that is 10 gallons or less.
(permitted in all buildings)

Hamsters Gerbils
Chinchillas Guinea pigs
Rats Mice
Cats Dogs of certain breeds and sizes

Other types of animals (not listed above) may be approved on a case by case basis by the Department of Housing & Residence Life. Dogs may not exceed thirty pounds in weight when fully grown.  Pit bulls, Rottweilers, Chows, Akitas, and wolf breeds, or any mix containing these, or any dogs that display aggressive behavior are not considered an acceptable animal and are not allowed on campus at any time.   Any dog living on campus has to be at least 1 year old and has to be house broken prior to living on campus. At any point, the University may make a decision that a specific or certain breed of pet is not allowed on campus. 

There will be a pet deposit and pet-application process required for students wishing to have a pet on campus in this community. More details will be released at they become available. Please contact us at to express your interest in this option.

Service animals and comfort animals are not restricted to the pet-friendly community. Learn more about service and comfort animal on the Student Disability Resource Center website.