Your Housing To Do List

Get ready for on-campus life by following these steps!

  1. Look up your room assignment & roommates by reviewing our room assignment page.

  2. Register for orientation if you haven't already!

  3. Contact your roommate and decide what stuff to bring for your room, suite or apartment.

  4. Plan your room theme & review our Bring It or Leave It List (PDF).

  5. Review our calendar & take note of important dates (opening/closing).

  6. Plan your trip to Pensacola for move in on August 22nd or 23rd.

  7. Make a list of special items to bring for move in, such as a dolly/hand truck, tarps, etc.

  8. Follow our social media pages to get the latest news from UWF Housing.

  9. Call us (850-474-2463) or email us ( if you have any questions about move in!

Learn about Fall Check In

Visit our Check In page to learn everything you need to know about moving in to UWF Housing.

Check In

Your Room Assignment

Follow the directions on this page to look up your room and roommate information.

Find Your Room