Your Fall 14/Spring 15 Room Assignment

Look up your Room Assignment Today!

To review your room assignment, follow the steps below:

  • Open using Internet Explorer or Firefox (Google Chrome will not work)
  • Log on to the UWF Housing portal with your Student ID number(starts with 970) and birthday(mmddyyyy - no slashes)
  • Click the "Assignment History" link
  • Then click the "Room Assignment" link
  • Find your Fall room assignment next to the the dates labeled: "08/22/2014 - 12/13/2014"
  • To find out who your roommates are, click the number under the "Roommates" column to see their names and email addresses. 

Please see the building codes below to determine your assignment location:

Building CodeBuilding Name


Southside Themed Village Building (35) & your room number (301)
ARGO Argo Hall
HRTG Heritage Hall
MART Martin Hall
MCVY McVoy Graduate Student House
PACE Pace Hall
PRES Presidents Hall
QUSI Quina-Singh Graduate Student House
VLEE/VLEF/VLEG/VLEH Village East apartments (VLE), Buildings E, F, G or H
VLWA/VLWB/VLWC/VLWD Village West apartments (VLW), Buildings A, B, C, or D

Room Changes

If you are unhappy with your assignment, you may submit a Room Change Request by reviewing our guidelines and emailing You may send in your room change email now, but room changes will not be processed until June 16th. Every effort will be made to fulfill your requested change. However, not all changes will be possible, as they are done on a space-available basis. You will be notified by email if the change is approved. The room change period will close on July 11th, so that we can assess Fall rent & fees.


Roommate Requests

Roommate requests must be reciprocal (both must request each other on their housing contracts). If you were not placed with your requested roommate, one of several things may have occurred:

  • The person you requested did not apply in time for you to be placed with them.
  • Your preferences did not match the other person's preferences.
  • There were no rooms available that could accommodate you & your requested roommate together.

If you have questions about why your requested roommate was not placed with you, please email

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