Martin Hall

Start with a splash. Martin Hall, a junior suite community just for freshmen, is the perfect place to dive headfirst into your college experience. Known as the heart of the freshman experience, it’s always thriving with activities and opportunities to make lifelong friends. You’ll be a short walk away from classes, the library, the Commons and more, and make memories that will last far beyond the next four years.

Room Features

  • Private Junior Suite (single occupancy), Shared Junior Suite (double occupancy) and Value Junior Suite (triple occupancy) residences.
  • Fully furnished with extra-long twin beds, desks, desk chairs, and dressers for each resident.
  • Private bathrooms
  • Cable television access
  • Internet connections & access
  • Smoke detectors and sprinkler system
  • Microwave and mini fridge provided
  • Deadbolt locks

Building Features

  • Coin/Card-operated laundry facilities located on the first floor
  • Study rooms
  • TV lounges
  • Area Offices conveniently located in each building
  • Buildings locked 24 hours a day accessible by card swipe 

Living Learning/Themed Communities

  • Delphi Exploratory LLC
  • Delphi Leadership LLC
  • Open Housing (Gender neutral - by special request)

Martin LLCs/Themes

Living-Learning and Themed Communities in Martin Hall

About Delphi
Delphi Crest
The Delphi Crest

The Delphi Living Learning Community (LLC) housed in two hallways of Martin Hall was founded in 2008 with a purpose to create a living-learning community for our first-year students. 

The name Delphi was selected for the program based on the role the location played in ancient Greece. Delphi was the location of the Oracle, a wise individual whom others sought for advice. Greeks would travel to Delphi in order to seek guidance in their life by asking the Oracle a question. The Oracle, being very wise, would provide advice that the individual needed to continue with his quest. Over time the Temple of Apollo was constructed as well as his eternal flame. Eventually the first Olympic games were held at Delphi. Delphi was a place where people sought guidance, comfort, and competition.

Delphi is built on three pillars: Academic SuccessCivic Engagement, and Interpersonal Development.

Delphi Exploratory Requirements

Regardless if you have declared a major or not, by living in this community, you will have the opportunity to explore different majors and career paths and have the advantages of on-location tutoring, in-hall study groups, free off-campus trips, access to preferred courses and instructors and much more. All we ask is that you complete the application by telling us why you interested in the Delphi Exploratory Living Learning Community, have a 2.75 high school grade point average, and agree to participate in some Delphi Exploratory events and classes!


  • 2.75 high school GPA
  • Maintain a 2.5 college GPA
  • Enroll in the Exploratory Academic Foundation Seminar course and one Delphi general education course
  • Participate in Delphi Exploratory programs and events


  • Reserved seating in preferred courses with great instructors
  • Access to in-hall study groups and tutoring
  • Guidance in major exploration
  • Career planning assistance
  • Free off-campus trips
  • Delphi t-shirt and other swag
  • End of semester banquets and recognition awards
  • Priority room selection for the following year
Delphi Leadership Requirements

If you were a leader in high school, want to gain new leadership skills, or want to make your mark in college, the Delphi Leadership LLC is for you! By living in this community, you will have the advantage of on-location tutoring, in-hall study groups, first-hand knowledge of leadership opportunities, free off-campus trips, access to preferred courses and instructors and much more. 


  • Answer "Why are you intested in the Delphi Leadership LLC?" in at least 250 words.
  • Have 2.75 or greater high school GPA
  • Maintain a 2.5 or greater college GPA
  • Enroll in the Leadership Academic Foundation Seminar course and one Delphi general education course
  • Participate in Delphi Leadership programs and events


  • Reserved seating in preferred courses with great instructors
  • Access to in-hall study groups and tutoring
  • Leadership training
  • First-hand knowledge of leadership opportunities
  • Free off-campus trips
  • Delphi t-shirt and other swag
  • End of semester banquets and recognition awards
  • Priority room selection for the following year
Delphi Academic Support
Presidents MPR classroom set up
Students in a classroom

The Delphi Program has several initiatives with the intention of helping residents succeed as college students.

Common classes are a big part of what makes Delphi a Living Learning Community. These classes tie your living experience to your academics. Each semester there are sections of preferred classes taught by choice instructors reserved for Delphi students. This means that when you take these courses, you are guaranteed preferred instructors and you will have classmates who live in Martin Hall with you. This makes it easy to form study groups, ask your classmates for information, and complete group projects. This is a unique opportunity for first-year students. The classes are different every semester, but some examples of Delphi classes include Academic Foundations Seminar, English Composition I, General Biology, The Music Experience, and more.

Delphi Signature Programs

Delphi has its own unique programs in addition to the educational and social programming planned by the RAs and the PALs. The signature programs are larger programs that enhance the Living Learning Community. Here are some of the current signature programs:

Delphi Induction The kickoff to your experience in Delphi. Held during opening weekend, the inductions ceremony will introduce you to Delphi, teach you the history of the LLC, and by the end you’ll have been pinned, signifying your induction into the Delphi LLC.
Delphi Destination Held in the fall and spring semesters, Delphi Destination is a mystery field trip program. Staff members will tell Delphi residents when it is, what to wear, and what to bring, but they won’t tell you where it is. When it is time to leave we get onto a bus and head out. Residents will find out the destination on the way there. This program is designed to help connect students to the Pensacola community so they feel a sense of belonging not only to UWF, but to the surrounding area as well.
Delphi Leadership Community Held multiple times per semester, the Delphi Leadership Community will partner with a campus partner to provide residents with leadership development and networking opportunities. 
Delphi Exploratory Program Held multiple times per semester, the Delphi Exploratory Community will partner with a campus partner to provide residents with the opportunity to navigate the question, “what do I want my career to be?”
Family Weekend Social Every year in the fall semester, Delphi and Oracle [the second year LLC] host a family weekend social for the residents of these communities and their families. This is a great opportunity for Delphi students to network with second-year students and learn about their experiences in Oracle. 
Argos in Action Community Service initiative that pairs the Oracle and Delphi communities with a local non-profit agency. This is a great way for students to get involved in the greater Pensacola community.
Day of Exploration Held in the fall semester, Day of Declaration is a chance for students to declare or change their major, and/or to add a minor. Instead of having to go around to various offices getting signature approval for this, we bring the offices to the students. We also use this day as a resource fair, so even if students don’t need to change their major, there is still the opportunity to connect with various offices on campus such as Recreation and Career Development & Community Engagement.
GPA Banquet After the start of the spring semester students in Delphi and Oracle who earned a GPA of 3.5 or higher in the fall semester will receive an invitation to the GPA Banquet. This program is just a fun, social event where staff members recognize these students for their hard work and academic achievement. 
Study Bucks Program

Every time an Argo PAL sees a Delphi resident studying, that student will receive a “study buck”. At the end of the semester the Argo PALs will host a program for students who earned a certain amount of study bucks. This program celebrates the dedication and hard work of our students.

Delphi to Oracle Transition At the end of the academic year, Delphi staff will host this program for those Delphi students who are moving on to Oracle for their second year. The program will further inform residents of the Oracle LLC, allow students to connect with their peers who will be transitioning with them, and during this program staff members will give these residents a tour of Presidents Hall [where Oracle is housed].

Delphi Staff

Resident Assistants

The Martin Hall Resident Assistant [RA] staff consists of 12 RAs, including one Lead Resident Assistant [LRA]. These staff members are all students who work for Housing and Residence Life. The RAs are responsible for building community in Martin Hall, planning and facilitating fun and educational programs, ensuring all policies are being followed, and supporting the residents in the Delphi LLC during their first year of college.

Argo Peer Academic Leaders (Argo PALS)

The Delphi staff also consists of three Argo Peer Academic Leaders [PALs], students who are peer mentors to the residents of Martin. They put on programs geared towards helping the residents succeed academically, hold study hours in the Martin Hall study lounges, recognize students who have been working hard academically, and more. They’re here to help you transition to college academics and connect you to campus resources.

Desk and Delphi Graduate Assistant

Housing and Residence Life also employs a graduate assistant who assists with overseeing the community service desks as well as with the Delphi LLC. This graduate assistant supervises the Argo PALs, helps with signature programming, and more.

Delphi Coordinator

Martin Hall is the only residence hall with a professional hall director, the Delphi Coordinator. The Delphi Coordinator oversees the day-to-day operations of the building, supervises the RAs, assists students with their needs, manages the programming, coordinates programming and events with the faculty mentors, and more. 

About Open Housing

Quick Facts

  • Location: All communities
  • Open to: Students approved by assignments staff
  • How to join: Select "Yes" for Open Housing on housing application

Open housing, also known as gender-inclusive or gender neutral housing, allows students to live with any other student regardless of gender identification. Open housing is available in all on-campus communities, but students must consent to being assigned to open housing. Students can opt into open housing when submitting the housing application. Please contact to set up your open housing living arrangements.