Oracle Living Learning Community

The Living Learning Community for Career Exploration.

2014 Presidents Hall
Oracle students attend a New Orleans Pelicans game for the Mystery Bus Tour!

About Oracle

Oracle is a second-year living-learning community housed in Presidents Hall where students experience campus life and the academic classroom together. Oracle helps students develop their goals for post-graduation. Oracle focuses on laying the ground work for their next two years at UWF by helping students see the connections between academics, career choice, and leadership opportunities. At the end of their second-year, students will have a plan for all three areas.

Living in Oracle has many aspects to the program which are fun and enjoyable for the students. Students get the opportunity to connect with faculty mentors, gain valuable skills through weekly educational programs, as well as interacting and receiving career advice from Professional Staff in the UWF Career Services Office. Another resource in the Oracle community are our student staff, ORCs (Oracle Resource Coaches). ORCs assist in guiding students along their academic and professional paths. Along with the three ORCs, the building also has 9 Resident Assistants (RAs), one Graduate Hall Director, and a Professional Residence Life Coordinator to support students.

Signature programs in Oracle include:

Oracle Induction The kickoff to the Oracle experience! Held during opening weekend, the inductions ceremony will introduce residents to Oracle, teach them the history of the LLC, and by the end they'll recite the Oracle creed to officially be inducted into the community.
Mystery Bus Tour

Held in the fall and spring semesters, Mystery Bus is an exciting field trip program. Staff members will tell Oracle residents when it is, what to wear, and what to bring, but they won’t tell them where it is. That's the mystery! Once residents are on the bus they will find out where they are going. This program is designed to expose residents to professionals in Pensacola and the surrounding gulf coast community.

Day of Declaration Held in the fall semester, Day of Declaration is a chance for students to declare or change their major, and/or to add a minor. Instead of having to go around to various offices getting signature approval for this, we bring the offices to the students. We also use this day as a resource fair, so even if students don’t need to change their major, there is still the opportunity to connect with various offices on campus such as Recreation and Career Services.
Halfway to Graduation End of the year celebration for the Oracle community helping student gear up at their halfway point to graduation.
Argos in Action Community Service initiative that pairs the Oracle and Delphi communities with a local non-profit agency. This is a great way for students to get involved in the greater Pensacola community.
Oracle Crest
The Oracle Crest

The Oracle Creed

I acknowledge that SCHOLARSHIP involves the interaction with faculty and major confirmation.

Through the growth of my personal development, I commit to COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT in order to explore my career opportunities.

I recognize my college success is strengthen through seeking out LEADERSHIP development opportunities, in order to keep my fire lit.

I am a flame of Oracle.

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