Living-Learning Communities

Delphi Crest

Delphi - Community for First-Year Students

Delphi is the living-learning community for first-year students at the University of West Florida. Since beginning in August 2008 with the freshmen class of 2012, the Delphi Program has strived to create an environment where students sharing a residence hall had the opportunities to attend classes, build friendships, and offer support and encouragement to their fellow students throughout their first year of college.

Oracle Crest

Oracle - The Second-Year Community

The Oracle Program is a living-learning community that serves to build on the Delphi experience and continue the development of friendships and camaraderie among second-year UWF residents. Oracle helps students identify and develop goals following their graduation from the university. Oracle helps students lay the ground work for their next two years at UWF by highlighting connections between their academic endeavors, career aspirations, and leadership opportunities.