Request for Cancellation of UWF Housing Contract

Please review the following information before contacting us:

  • This request may only be submitted by the legal contract holder.
  • We can not render a decision at the time of request.
  • Not all requests will be approved.
  • Please allow at least 14 business days for a decision. Decision will be sent to the e-mail address you provide us.
  • If approved and in accordance with the contract terms and conditions, you may be subject to contract cancellation fees, prorated rent, damage fees or lost key fees.
  • Do not sign a lease off campus while you are in the contract cancellation process.
  • You may be contacted by the Housing Office for additional information. 

We encourage Residents to visit the Housing Central Office, Building 19, and ask to speak to a Housing Staff Member.  We are available to answer questions or provide clarification of the housing contract.  Our staff are available Monday-Friday, 8a-5p or by e-mailing  

Request Contract Cancellation

If you wish to request cancellation of your Housing Contract, please complete the Contract Cancellation Request Form which requests the following information:  

  1. Semester that you wish to request cancellation
    • Fall 2018/Spring 2019
    • Spring 2019
    • Summer 2019
  2. First & Last Name
  3. UWF Student ID Number
  4. UWF email address
  5. Contact Phone Number
  6. Permanent Home Mailing Address
  7. Current Building & Room Assignment (if applicable)
  8. The reason for your cancellation request:
    • Denied Admission
    • Not attending UWF
    • Graduating
    • Withdrawn from all classes & the date of withdrawal (must be fully withdrawn)
    • Transferring to another school & the name of the university/college (must provide proof of transfer)
    • Students called to active duty/training (must provide military orders)
    • Academically Suspended & the date of suspension
    • Participation in an Internship/Co-Op, Study Abroad Program, Student Teaching Assignment not in Escambia, Fl or Santa Rosa County, Fl and the name of your program (must provide proof of internship)
    • You are a one semester exchange or IEP student
    • Other (please describe your reason)

Please note: Requests submitted under the "other" option may be denied if it does not meet the terms and conditions of the contract. Those requests will be sent to the Fee Appeals Committee if the student requests that their cancellation be forwarded on. Please allow at least 30 business days for a decision from the committee. Do not sign a lease off campus while you are in the contract cancellation appeals process.

Supporting documentation is required for appeals based on medical and financial reasons. It is important that medical documentation is on the provider's letterhead with a signature. The medical provider should not simply tell the board the student cannot live on campus.

Please drop off or email any supporting documentation within 3 business days of submitting this appeal form to the Department of Housing and Residence Life, Building 19, Attention: Contract Appeals Committee.

Students should come to the Housing Central Office, Building 19, if they have ANY questions about their request or the cancellation/appeal process.