Rent Deferment Form

The Rent Deferment Form is a request that, if approved, will provide you with an extra month after the fee payment deadline to complete your rent payment.

Please follow these steps to complete your rent deferment:

  1. Get on Google Chrome (no other browsers will work)
  2. Log on to
  3. Search for "Housing"
  4. Click on the link that says "Housing Contracts & Services"
  5. Select "Housing Services" page
  6. Select Rent Deferment
  7. Your information will auto fill, update your cell phone number
  8. Select the reason for your deferment request
  9. Enter your student id number
  10. Click “I agree”
  11. Click “Finish”
  12. You will receive an email (to your student account) from Housing Accounts requesting additional information


Please contact our Fiscal Specialist at if you have any questions about the deferment process.