Submit a Work Order

Submit a Work Order




Technology and Maintenance Work Order Quick Tips: 

Please do not submit a Work Order for telephone service. The Telephone Activation Request is located under our forms section.

Only put one issue per work order. Multiple requests on one work order will be declined. Submit a separate work order for each item needing services.

If you have lost your key, you must go to your Area Office or Resident Assistant in person to report it. The sooner the better!

You must use your UWF student e-mail to submit a maintenance or technology work order

If you are experiencing a water emergency or something that will cause the building/property damage, please contact your Resident Assistant, Hall Director, Area Office, or the Housing Central Office (850-474-2464, Monday - Friday, 8-5) IMMEDIATELY.

How to submit a Work Order:

  1. Go to our work order site

  2. Enter your UWF email address to access the page (if this is your first time submitting a work order, you will need to create an account)

  3. Use the drop down menus to select the location, area and room where the work needs to take place.

  4. Select the problem type by clicking the icon that most closely matches your needs.

  5. Type a description of the issue in the box provided.

  6. Enter the password: uwf. The password is the same for all students.

  7. Click Submit!


On the last screen, you will see up to date information on your request including the status, work order number and notes of action taken. If you need to submit another work order afterward, just click on the Work Request tab to submit a new Work Order.