Appeal of Housing Cancellation and Fees

Please allow at least 14 business days for a decision.

Please note: If you have a "HOLD" on your account due to any Housing fees, it is advisable to pay any past due amount so as not to be assessed late fees on Tuition. 
Fees can be paid by logging on to, searching for "cashnet" and accessing your student financial account. Housing fee holds will not be lifted prior to a decision being rendered. If your appeal is approved the amount of the charge will be credited to your student account.  

We encourage Residents to visit the Housing Central Office, Building 19, and ask to speak to a Housing Staff Member.  We are available to answer questions or provide clarification of the housing contract and appeals.  Our staff are available Monday-Friday, 8a-5p or by e-mailing    

Housing Contract holders who have been denied cancellation of their housing contact may then submit the form below to enter into the Appeal Process.  Do not submit this form unless you have already requested cancellation and been denied.  This link is also available in the e-mail you were sent.  If you wish to submit an appeal for contract cancellation, submit this form:

Appeal Contract Cancellation

Additional documentation to support your appeal MUST be brought to the Housing office in Building 19 or emailed to Fee Appeal requests submitted without supporting information/documentation will not be considered.


Residents are encouraged to visit the Housing Office in Building 19 if you have any questions.  If you wish to appeal a housing fee/charge on your account, please submit the following information on our form:

Appeal Housing Charges

  • Contract Cancellation Fee
  • Improper Check Out
  • Lost/Replacement Key
  • Cleaning and/or Damages