Summer Housing at UWF

UWF Housing is open during the summer for Summer Orientation, Summer Camps & Conferences, and Summer School Residents.

Summer Check Out Information

Housing will be closing Saturday, August 9th at 3pm (no exceptions). All residents will need to check out of their summer rooms. Residents need to go to the Village East clubhouse between 12:00 pm and 11:59 pm when they are ready to check out. Please remove your belongings, clean your space and return your key to finalize your checkout.

  • If you do not have a Fall Housing Assignment you must move out by 3pm on Saturday, August 9th.
  • Residents with Fall Housing Assignments may pick up their Fall room key at the Village East clubhouse (for all areas).  Students may move to their fall rooms on the following dates/times:
    • Friday, August 8th between 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm
    • Saturday, August 9th between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm

Your patience is appreciated during this time, as multiple moves will be taking place and some moves may be delayed as other students move out. Housing & Residence Life will notify students if their move is expected to be delayed and will offer a later check out time to those affected students.

Break Housing and Storage during the Break

Sign Up for Break Housing




Fall residents may store their belongings in their fall room for free during the break period. If you would like access to your room during the semester break (8/9 - 8/21) or you would like to live on campus during the break, you may sign up for Break Housing by filling out our form. Break Housing will cost $200. All Break Housing residents pay for the entire break term no matter how many nights they anticipate staying.


Summer Orientation Housing

Summer orientation students will be staying in Martin Hall. Please contact the Student Transitions Office at 850-473-7229 for more information about signing up for an orientation session.

Summer Camps & Conferences

Throughout the summer, UWF Housing hosts many Camps and Conferences on-campus. Please contact Susan Ames at for more information about how you can bring your organization to UWF!

Summer to Fall Break Housing

Current Summer A, C, or D term residents who have a Fall 2014 housing assignment are eligible for this Break Housing period. Break Housing runs from August 9th - August 22nd and costs $200. Break Housing is only necessary if you want to live in your room during the break. A, C or D term summer residents can store their belongings in their fall space for free.

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Housing Options for Summer School Residents

This summer, we will have 1 area open for summer school students: Village East Apartments. The Village East apartments are great for students looking to live the independent student lifestyle. Two and 4 bedroom units are available.

Summer 2014 contracts are now available on

Please see the chart below for Summer 2014 rates. Amounts quoted are per person, per semester.

BuildingSummer TermSummer 2014 Rate
Village East 4 bed, 2 bath apt A (5/11 - 8/9)  $2,265
  B (5/11 - 6/24)  $1,133
  C (6/25 - 8/9)  $1,133
  D (6/10 - 8/9)  $1,510
Village East 2 bed, 1 bath apt A (5/11 - 8/9)  $2,555
  B (5/11 - 6/24)  $1,277
  C (6/25 - 8/9)  $1,277
  D (6/10 - 8/9)  $1,703