Homecoming FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Homecoming at UWF.

When is Homecoming 2015?

October 19-24

What is Homecoming?

Homecoming is the ultimate expression of Argo Pride and an opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime. It’s a week-long experience featuring events, competitions and activities for students, faculty, staff, alumni and the Pensacola community while also celebrating our athletic teams.

Where is Homecoming held?

Homecoming takes place on the main UWF campus in Pensacola. Homecoming events are held at various locations on campus, including the Cannon Green, the Aquatic Center and the Soccer Complex. Please refer to our schedule for details.

Who can come to Homecoming events?

You can! Events are open to students, faculty, staff, alumni, families and all friends of UWF.

Why should I go to Homecoming events?

Being in college is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and being an Argonaut is something unique to be treasured. Homecoming is the perfect way to take advantage of all of the opportunities in front of you, go outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to enjoy new experiences and meet new people. Not to mention, Homecoming is outrageously fun and is the single largest celebration of Argo Pride on campus!

What events are part of UWF Homecoming?

During Homecoming, we Transform the Campus, compete in Spirit Competitions, present the Homecoming Court, crown Mr. and Ms. UWF, get hyped at a Pep Rally, play games and eat lunch at Cannon Fest, journey out on our own Golden Fleece Challenge, rock out during a concert, tailgate before the men’s and women’s soccer games, race cardboard boats across the pool and more!

How much do the events cost?

Everything is FREE! Students need to bring their Nautilus IDs to swipe at each event.

What is this year’s theme?

Homecoming 2015 is all about celebrating what is happening here and now. We have some incredible moves being made all around campus, in our departments and in our organizations. This is a very exciting time to be at UWF! This year our theme is about YOU (students, faculty, alumni, administration, potential students, the entire UWF family) being who you are, where you are and what you are: Argos. Live it up. Take it in. Argo State of Mind.

Should I bring my Nautilus Card (student ID card) with me?

Yes! Students will need this for various activities, so have it on you at all times!

Who are Mr. and Ms. UWF?

This is a tradition unique to UWF. Mr. and Ms. UWF are our equivalent of a Homecoming king and queen and are members of the Homecoming Court. Any student can apply to be on Homecoming Court — no nominations required! There are two phases: Round 1 is filling out the online application; Round 2 is an interview with top campus administrators and leaders. Once the screening/interview process is complete, 12 of UWF’s brightest stars will be honored with a place on the Court (six men and six women). From among the upperclassmen on the court, a king and queen will be selected by the judges and announced during Homecoming Week.

Your 2015 Homecoming Court: 

Musaed Alajaji, Senior
Adelyn Benz, Senior
Austin Burkhard, Senior
Dylan Clark, Sophomore
Marissa Frangione, Senior
Ryan Kasemeyer, Senior
Dominic Policicchio, Junior
Aimee Powell, Sophomore
Sierra Tatum, Freshman
Grace Tennyson, Senior
Elizabeth Wright, Senior

What’s new with Homecoming 2015?

Check out our schedule for the highlights of this year’s events! We strive each year to make UWF Homecoming innovative and exciting while maintaining our traditions within the campus community.

How can I get involved with Homecoming?

There are multiple ways to get involved with Homecoming 2015:
1. If you’re looking for a low-level commitment during the week of Homecoming, join the Spirit Squad! The Spirit Squad (i.e. volunteers) help make each and every event happen.
2. You can apply to represent the best and brightest on the Homecoming Court, and if you’re a junior or senior, you could even be crowned Mr. or Ms. UWF!
3. For those interested in higher-level commitment and leadership opportunities, apply for the Homecoming Executive Board! Applications generally open right after Homecoming week and close in the spring semester. The application for the 2015 Executive Board is located on the main page of the website and will close on Monday, March 23, 2015.
4. Our highest-level commitment for our most outstanding leaders are the Homecoming Directors. Three Directors are chosen within a month after Homecoming. These directors work for a year to plan, lead and facilitate UWF’s largest event. They are the executive positions on the Homecoming Executive Board.
5. Come to the events! No matter your commitment level to Homecoming, everyone can be involved with our events by attending events and showing your UWF pride!
For more information, contact Homecoming Director Jasu Uppal at homecomingdirector@uwf.edu.

How can my organization(s) or group of friends get involved with Homecoming?

Yes! We will have an online registration form and info packet your organization/group can fill out to register for the Spirit Competition. You select which events you would like to participate in. Points are awarded for participation and in some cases 1st-5th place. Even if your group would just like to participate without competing or earning point, still fill out the Spirit Competition form to register your information. Events traditionally included in the student Spirit Competition are Cannon Fest booths, sheet banner competition, Cardboard Boat Race, Argo Panty donations, and Tailgate tents.

Who is our entertainer / performer this year?

This year's concert performer is the pop-country duo Dan + Shay. One of our most anticipated traditions each year is the Homecoming concert. In conjunction with the Pep Rally, the concert features a different artist each year. The Homecoming Executive Board works all year to create an amazing, celebratory concert atmosphere for our biggest event of the week. Previous Homecoming Concerts have featured DJ Caked Up, T-Pain, Roscoe Dash, We The Kings, Ludacris and many others from various genres. 

Will there be Homecoming memorabilia?

Absolutely! The events you attend will determine what item you may get your hands on, which means you should come to every event to ensure you collect all the swag!

What are some promotional items that will be given out?

Past events have featured such items as color-changing cups, Koozies, Frisbees, tank tops, sunglasses and foam swords. And best of all — it’s FREE! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for Homecoming 2015, and as always, you can expect an amazing T-shirt to go with this year’s theme!

Does Homecoming give back to our community?

Homecoming 2015 will be supporting our on-campus food bank, the Argo Pantry, serving students in need with donations of nonperishable food and personal care items. While anyone can donate, we especially encourage our student organizations participating in the Spirit Competition and the UWF departments/offices participating in the Blue & Green Challenge to receive points for their donations.

Why are our school colors blue and green?

They represent the blue of the sky and green of the sea. The Gulf of Mexico waters along the Florida Panhandle are known for their emerald green color as a result of how the sand below the water reflects the sunlight (hence the Panhandle’s reputation as the Emerald Coast). The City of Pensacola also uses blue and green for the same reasons, showing our tie to the community around us.

What is an Argonaut?

Inspired by Greek mythology, the legend follows Jason and his warrior sailors, the Argonauts, as they embark on a long, perilous voyage aboard their ship, the Argo, with the goal of capturing and bringing home the golden fleece in order for Jason to save his father’s kingdom. This epic voyage symbolizes the quest of excellence taken by our students as they journey through college life, working to capture their college education and bring home their dreams.

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