SAS Software E-Learning

UWF instructors and enrolled students have free access to SAS' award-winning e-Learning courses as part of the University's SAS Education Analytical Suite (EAS) license.

SAS E-Learning

SAS E-Learning is a series of self-paced, web-based learning modules covering topics from Beginning to Advanced SAS Programming techniques.

How do I access my free SAS E-Learning?
  1. Go to the My Training page.
  2. Create a profile or login using your existing SAS profile.
  3. Enter your school's access code in the box (the code begins with the letter "G"). If you have already registered for previous e-Learning courses, the access links will appear.
  4. All courses you have access to will be listed. Click "yes" to accept the Terms of Use license and submit.
  5. Click on the link for the course you wish to access and get started right away!


How do I retrieve my access code?
  1. Go to MyUWF>Software>Software Downloads (
  2. Students select "SAS e-Learning for Students" under Software Licensed for Students.
  3. Instructors select "SAS e-Learning for Faculty" under Software Licensed for Faculty and Staff.
  4. Click Continue to download the text file (.txt) containing your access code.

You will need access to SAS software in order to successfully complete the e-Learning. SAS is available in MyUWF eDesktop, a virtual computer lab. (

Expiration Note: The e-Learning expiration date is tied to the SAS EAS software contract renewal date. When the software is renewed annually, the e-Learning is automatically renewed.

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