Remote Desktop (Windows)

Remote Desktop allows UWF employees the ability to remotely connect to their office computer from another computer.

Remote Desktop enables employees working from home to access their office computer for saved files, software applications, and use local and remote devices (e.g. printers). 

Gateway Required

Starting March 10, 2014, remote users must configure their RDP client to use an RD Gateway. Please follow the instructions below:

Setting Up Your Remote Desktop Connections

Step 1. Set up your office computer to use Remote Desktop
  • To set up your office computer for remote desktop, make a note of the computer name, as it will be needed when configuring the remote connection. Only Windows office computers can be configured to use Microsoft Remote Desktop.

    Instructions for Configuring Your Windows Office Computer

Step 2. Configure Remote Desktop on your home (remote) computer

Troubleshooting Your Remote Desktop Connection

Troubleshooting Remote Desktop Connectivity