Technology Support Providers

There are many university-wide information technology-related groups that provide specialized support. To find the support providers for your department, visit "Technology Support Providers" in MyUWF.

Data Stewards

Directory of Data Stewards

Roles and Responsibilities
Data Stewards are responsible for data content, context, and associated business rules. Data Stewards are responsible for what is stored in a data field for their respective areas and are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of data files.

Department Information Administrators (DIAs)

Directory of Department Information Administrators

Roles and Responsibilities
Department Information Administrators (DIAs) are designated for each UWF department. DIAs are responsible for maintaining the department information. This information must be maintained in order for UWF information systems to work properly.

MyUWF TOOLS: Departmental Directory Information Maintenance, and DIA MyUWF Resources

ITS Liaisons

Directory of ITS Liaisons

Roles and Responsibilities
ITS Liaisons are key users with stewardship responsibility for particular ITS systems and associated data. Liaisons are the first point of contact for faculty and staff with questions, requests for data, or requests for ITS resources regarding these systems. 
ITS Request System - Guide for Liaisons and more...

MyUWF TOOLS: IT Request Forms>IT Request System>My Requests or Enter a New Request

Local Support Providers (LSPs)

Directory of Local Support Providers

Roles and Responsibilities
Working in various university departments, Local Support Providers (LSPs) serve as the local technical support person for a department - the first point of contact for faculty and staff who require technology related assistance.

Local Support Providers Collaboration This space allows ITS and LSPs to collaborate on shared projects and share ideas, tutorials, and guidance on common technical issues.

MyUWF TOOLS: IT Request Forms>Help Request Forms>IP Request  TOOLSRegister a server with ITS

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Directory of Subject Matter Experts

Roles and Responsibilities
Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are responsible for defining data elements with precise meaning that is clear and unambiguous; definitions will be presented for approval for use in the data dictionary.

MyUWF TOOLSData Dictionary

Web Contacts

Directory of Web Contacts

Web Contacts provide valuable services to both the departments they serve and ITS. As the liaison to ITS for many web-related issues, the web contact for a department and/or division is empowered with tools and utilities to enable them to help their own users quickly and in the priority order appropriate to them. Contacts are responsible to a particular department or organization for managing (not creating/updating) its web presence and keeping that department informed of UWF's web policies, practices and procedures.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Request new departmental ArgoNet accounts
  2. Annually review ArgoNet accounts owned by the department(s) you represent to ensure the resources are still needed, and the Responsible Parties (RP) & Content Providers (CP) are accurate.
  3. Discuss and/or resolve any issues related to ArgoNet accounts within the department(s) you represent.
  4. Communicate changes in policies, practices and procedures
  5. Have a working relationship with the Department Information Administrators representing the department(s) you represent.

MyUWF TOOLS: IT Request Forms>Help Request Forms>ArgoNet Account Request>Request Form for Department or Organization Account,
ArgoNet Account Responsible Parties / Content Providers, and Departmental Directory Information Maintenance 

Web Developers and Managers

Directory of Web Developers and Managers

Roles and Responsibilities
Web Developers and Managers are responsible to a particular department or organization for creating and maintaining its Web presence.

  1. Receive training in the use of university Content Management System (CMS)
  2. Have knowledge of the Web tools, utilities and procedures provided to them via the Web Presence CMS site and Training Program
  3. Ensure that the Web sites they develop comply with the university's Web standards
  4. Have knowledge of UWF's Web policies, practices and procedures
  5. Have a working relationship with their departmental Web Contact and communicate any issues regarding their web presence to the Web Contact
Workstation Managers (WSMs)

Directory of Workstation Managers (WSMs)

Roles and Responsibilities
Division and college Workstation Managers determine levels of access for users of administrative data, and are responsible for monitoring and implementing security measures for the data under their control. Workstation Manager/Security Administrator Guide