File Storage and Web Posting

H: and I: drives (also referred to as Home and Web folders) provide UWF staff, faculty, and students with electronic storage space for personal files and web pages on the UWF server.

Central File Storage

Personal Drives (H: and I:)

As a UWF employee you are provided with two folders (or drives) on the server. These are commonly referred to as your H: and I: drives. The H: drive is your storage space for personal files, whereas the I: drive is for files that will be posted to the web. The files stored in these drives are backed up regularly; therefore, it is highly recommended that you save your work to these drives. The H: and I: drives are available by clicking on Start and then Computer from your computer's desktop.

Departmental Drives (O:)

In addition to central file storage for personal files, many departments have folders on the server that are shared by multiple employees. Ask your supervisor if there is a departmental drive (O:) that you should be using. If so, someone who has been designated as a responsible party for the account must add you. Please contact your DISRep if you are unsure of the responible parties for an account. Once you have been added to the account, you can access the drive using several methods.