Information Navigator

Information Navigator is UWF's report management system. It consolidates reports from Banner and other data sources into a single menu. Most reports are available to all UWF employees; however, due to security reasons, some are available only to select employees.

Information Navigator is available from Information Navigator in MyUWF.

My Home

Displays a customized list of your favorite reports. Also displays the last ten reports that you viewed, along with the parameters you selected.

Show All

Displays a complete list of all available reports.

  • Office of Record: Displays only those reports that belong to a specific department.
  • What's New: Shows reports added within the last 14, 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • ID: Report Identification number. Click to open the report.
  • Help: Opens additional information about the report.
  • Add to Favorites: Adds the report/graph to your "my home" page.

My Preferences

Allows you to build customized lists of parameters, such as funds, organizations, and index numbers. You can then use these lists to run reports that include multiple accounts.

What's Hot

Lists UWF's most popular reports. You can view the top five most popular reports for the university and for a department.

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