ArcGIS Help Resources

Many new users find ArcGIS to have a steep learning curve. Some functions of the software can be mystifying even for very experienced users. Fortunately, an abundance of helpful resources exist on the web offered by both ESRI and the extensive GIS user community.

ArcGIS: Lots of buttons.

Recommended websites:

Video walkthroughs:

Adding data to ArcMap

Getting GIS data into your ArcMap project is the first step that many users get stuck on. Hint: Use the Add data button or command instead of File>Open.

Add XY Coordinate data from a table

Adding your data with coordinates from a table or spreadsheet is relatively simple if table is properly formatted.

Adding an un-referenced map or image

You can manually add location information to an unreferenced map, image or aerial photo through a process called GeoReferecing.

Create and edit a shapefile



Create a map layout for printing or export

Attribute Queries

Join a table or excel file to GIS features or shapefile

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