GPS Cameras for taking GeoTagged Photos

Cameras for easily creating geotagged still photos or videos can are available to students for check-out from the GeoData Center student for any UWF project.

Equipment descriptions

This equipment was acquired through a UWF ITEP grant with the goal of making location based data collection through photography accessible to students and researchers without needing training in geospatial technologies. All units are configured to include geotagging information from your GPS position in each photo's EXIF metadata. Some photo management or backup services may scrub this information. Always check privacy or other settings before deleting the original photo files.

Equipment descriptions

Rugged/waterproof - Olympus TG-4

Ruggedized build of this device allows it to be used for shooting still photos or video in wet, dirty or generally unpredictable conditions associated with outdoor fieldwork. Of the three cameras, this features the most accurate GPS and an electronic compass that will also collect the direction photos are taken. With extra care to make sure all ports are tightly sealed, this device is able to be used underwater up to 50 feet.

Video "action" camera with waterproof housing  - Sony HDR-AS100v

The Sony Action Cam is capable of recording 1080p full-HD videos and wide-angle still photos in 13.5 MP. This unit is very small and has no built in viewfinder screen, but a smartphone with the free Sony app can be used a viewfinder via a wireless connection. Though all of these cameras are capable of capturing video, this device provides the best stabilization by far. The waterproof housing allows use underwater or in wet conditions.

Equipment descriptions

Smart camera - Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

The Samsung camera uses Android operating system commonly found in smartphones and is able to connect to WiFi and install apps from the Google Play store. Many apps for collecting, organizing and publishing geotagged photos are already installed. This camera also features a 21x optical zoom and a large (4.8 in) touch screen. It is not suggested that this camera be used in wet, dirty or otherwise harsh conditions.


Accessories available: Storage media, full size and portable tripods, power banks for extended battery life, various mounts constructed for different environments.

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