GIS Workshops

Workshops are primarily aimed at UWF faculty, staff and graduate students who would like to use GIS or GeoSpatial technology for research or instruction. Undergraduate students interested in GIS and do not take GIS courses as part of their program are also welcome to attend on a space-available basis.

Current workshops are introductory level with no previous GIS experience required to participate. Topics covered will include performing basic tasks in ArcGIS Desktop, finding and importing data, map creation as well as an introduction to GeoData Center facilities and services. Additional workshops covering more advanced topics may be offered in the future depending on demand.

Workshops will last about 3 hours and will generally be offered at no cost to the participants. Currently available dates and times are listed below.

Email Nathan McKinney with any questions or to be notified when workshops are scheduled.

Fall semester workshop schedule to be announced in August

ArcGIS Basics

Training workshop aimed at faculty, staff, andgraduate or research students seeking a basic understanding of how to use ArcGIS software for research or teaching. Undergraduate students in aprogram that does not require a GIS course may participate if space is available.

Participants will learn:

  • Basic understanding of GIS and spatial data.
  • How to navigate and start a project in ArcGIS software.
  • Techniques for finding spatial data & using non-spatial or tabular data in GIS.
  • Querying and manipulating GIS data.How to perform a simple spatial analysis.
  • Procedure to compose a simple map.
  • Resources available through the GeoData Center

Register for this course through the OHR Training Reservation Desk