GIS Workshops

Workshops are primarily aimed at UWF faculty, staff and graduate students who would like to use GIS or GeoSpatial technology for research or instruction. Undergraduate students interested in GIS and do not take GIS courses as part of their program are also welcome to attend on a space-available basis.

Current training workshops are introductory level with no previous GIS experience required to participate. Each workshop is designed to familiarize participants in the technologies enough to start a project and with resources available through the GeoData Center. A more detailed overview of the topics covered in each workshop can be found below. Additional training courses covering more advanced topics may be offered in the future depending on demand.

Workshops will last 2-3 hours and will generally be offered at no cost to the participants. We currently do not have any dates scheduled. Topics of potential courses are listed below.

Email Salina Randall with any questions or to be notified when workshops are scheduled.

Workshop Topics

  • ArcGIS Basics
  • ArcGIS Basics
  • GPS Mapping
  • Spatial Analysis (Intermediate ArcGIS)
ArcGIS Basics Workshop - Participants will learn how to get started in a popular GIS software...

This 3 hour session is designed to get participants started with ESRI ArcGIS, a popular Geographic Information Systems package that can be used in a wide variety of disciplines and occupations. Anyone with an interest in spatial data or creating customized maps is encouraged to participate. Basic analytical and mapmaking technqiues are covered, but the focus of this workshop is correctly bringing various types of data into the system. If you have a specific dataset you need to work with, you are welcome to bring it in.

Topics covered:

  • Basic overview of GIS and spatial data types.
  • How to navigate and start a project in ArcGIS software.
  • Techniques for finding spatial data & using non-spatial or tabular data in GIS.
  • Querying and manipulating GIS data.How to perform a simple spatial analysis.
  • Procedure to compose a simple map.
  • Resources available through the GeoData Center

This workshop is aimed at faculty, staff, and graduate or research students though undergraduate students in a program that does not require full GIS class are welcome to participate when space is available. While current users of ArcGIS are likely to be familiar with most of the covered material, this session can serve as a useful refresher course for those familiar with older ArcGIS versions.

This session is now typically offered in the classroom on the first floor of the John C Pace Library instead of the building 13 GIS lab.

GPS Mapping & Data Collection - Participants will learn to accurately map features in the field using a professional grade GPS...

Training workshop for Trimble professional GPS units available for checkout through the GeoDataCenter. This 2.5-3 hour workshop will cover each step in a GPS data collection mission and include hands-on use of the equipment outdoors. Any UWF Fac/Staff or students interested in mapping features in the field are encouraged to participate.

Participants will learn:

  • How Global Positioning System works
  • Procedures for planning field data collection
  • Field collection techniques for point, line and area features using professional Trimble GPS
  • In-field and post-processing methods to increase accuracy
  • Displaying collected data on a GIS map or web map.

As part of this course must be done outdoors, it may need to be resecheduled due to weather.

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