Certificate in Geographic Information Science

UWF offers a certificate program in Geographic Information Science that can be taken in conjunction with a degree or as a standalone program.

24 credit hours of courses are required to complete the certificate. Students have the option of enrolling in face-to-face courses offered through the Department of Environmental Studies or applying to the self-contained Online GIS Certificate Program starting every January. Note that while the required courses are similar these programs are administered separately. An option to receive the certificate at the graduate level is available for both the online and on-campus programs.

For more information on the distance learning option see the Online GIS Programs webpage.

Details on the certificate program and GIS courses on the UWF campus can be found at Department of Environmental Studies GIS.

Total Hours

Required CoursesCampusOnlineHours
GIS3015+L Cartographic Skills (+Lab) Fall Spring 4
GIS4035+L Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing (+Lab) Spring Summer 4
GIS4043+L Geographic Information Systems (+Lab) Spring & Fall Spring 4
GIS4102 GIS Programming Fall Fall 3
Choose from the following (3 hrs):      
GIS4048 Applications in Geographic Information Systems Fall Summer 3
GIS4260 GIS Applications for Archaeology (Offered only with Online GIS Certificate Program)   Summer 3
Choose from the following (3 hrs):      
GIS4930 Special Topics in Geographic Information Science Spring Fall 3
GIS4930 Special Topics in Geographic Information Science for Archaeology (online only)   Fall 3
Choose from the following (3 hrs):      
GIS4905 Directed Study (1-3 hrs) All Fall  
GIS4944 GIS Internship (1-3 hrs) All Fall  

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