Center Mission: Making Geography Smarter

To support, facilitate and promote the use of GeoSpatial Technology and Geographic Information Science for research and education in the UWF campus community.

Support Services

The Center maintains a comprehensive campus-wide Geographic Information System including a 32 workstation laboratory, field data collection equipment, and web and database servers configured to run GIS applications. See the facilities page for information about the laboratory and other resources. We also fund and manage a campus wide site license for ESRI ArcGIS Software that includes ArcGIS Desktop and Server software and free web based training courses. Access to software and training is provided as a no-cost service to the whole UWF community.

We also provide expertise and assistance to students and faculty wishing to use geospatial technologies in research activities. Alternatively, center staff can be contracted to directly provide services in Geographic analysis, data collection or cartography. Please see the services page for more information.

Educational Services

The Center partners with the Department of Environmental Studies to offer academic courses in Geographic Information Science as well as a GIScience certificate program. The Departments of Anthropology and Allied Health and Life Sciences also offer specialized courses utilizing GIS. A 100% online GIS Certificate program, among the first of its kind, is administered through the Division of Continuing Education.

UWF instructors have been quick to embrace GeoSpatial technologies and concepts as valuable multidisciplinary tools. Among the many courses employing GIS or using GeoData Center facilities are:

  • Remote Sensing and Aerial Photograph Interpretation
  • GIS in Archaeology
  • Hydrology
  • Introduction to GIS
  • Applications in GIS
  • Geo-statistics
  • Special Topics in GIS
  • GIS Programming
  • Archaeological Data Analysis
  • Environmental Sampling and Analysis
  • Environmental Methods and Techniques
  • GIS Applications in Public Health
  • Advanced Topics in GIS
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