• Officer Update Form

      Officers must be updated within 2 weeks of the semester or once an officer has changed by submitting the form above to Fraternity & Sorority Life via email.

    • Roster Update Form

      This form is to notify FSL of the members you removed/added to your roster. You are to fill out this form anytime you add or remove someone from your chapter. Only chapter president or executive offier submissions will be considered valid.

    • Recruitment/Intake Grade Release Form

      The Recruitment/Intake Grade Release Form is used to verify and release potential new member academic information for recruitment purposes to chapters.

    • Membership Intake Form

      The Membership Intake form must be filled out by the chapter prior to the start of intake/new member education.

    • Chapter Hazing Compliance Form

      Each chapter president and new member educator must fill out this hazing compliance form before they can conduct a new member education process. This form along with the submitting of their new member program signed by appropriate advisor and the corresponding grade release forms will allow them to conduct a new member education process.

    • New Member Academic Release and Hazing Consent Form

      Each fraternity or sorority new member must sign this form within 48 hours of becoming a new member. Fraternity & Sorority Life will assist in the completion of these forms during respective recruitment bid signing. This form should be turned in by any prospective members along with the membership intake form for all organizations conducting intake before the organization starts their process.

    • Online Hazing Prevention Module

      Each current active fraternity or sorority member must complete the "Fraternity & Sorority Life Module" by the end of the third week of each fall semester. Each fraternity and sorority new member must complete the "Hazing Prevention: It's Everyone's Responsibility 101" module within two weeks of beginning new member programs or activities.

    • Grade Report Request

      For a chapter to receive a semester grade report this form must be completed by an officer.

    • Event Summary

      Chapters must complete the Event Summary form by the end of business day following any registered event with alcohol.

    • Semester Report

      Chapters must complete the Semester Report form and the accompanying forms listed in the instructions one week prior to the exam period each fall and spring semester.  The Semester Report provides updates to the Chapter Dashboard and is part of the Fraternal Excellence Awards program.

Additional Resources

The following resources have been created by Fraternity & Sorority Life at UWF for our chapter officers to utilize in order to maximize their chapter's success in specific areas. Each resource in this area links to a PDF that you can download. The documents have links to other sites, pages you can copy and use with your chapter, and information you can use to improve your programs. We encourage all chapters to take full advantage of these resources.

 The following links are websites with many resources for chapters to utilize: