Inter-Fraternal Programming Board (IFPB)

The eight-member Board serves a vital role in the future of out fraternal community. Planning intentional programming to achieve the Fraternity & Sorority Life strategic goals and accomplish the five values of UWF Fraternity & Sorority Life.

The Inter-Fraternal Programming Board is a new feature to Fraternity & Sorority Life. The vision of the IFPB is to foster the growth of a united fraternal community and increase presence within the university community.

Executive Director: Fran Adams

Position Description: The executive director shall serve as the impartial chair of the board and shall conduct all meetings as such. The executive director is responsible for holding all meetings of the board and keeping all meetings productive. The executive director must work closely with the board’s advisor to ensure that all goals and efforts are being attained and that they are in line with the goals, policies, and procedures of Fraternity and Sorority Life. The executive director will be responsible for the efforts and goals of the board.

Director of Administration: Kelly McMahon

Position Description: The director of administration will serve as the administrative head of the board. Responsibilities of the director of administration include: taking minutes at every meeting of the board, as well as distributing those minutes to all of the members in a timely manner, keeping an updated roster of board members, and organizing a calendar of events for the board. The director of administration will keep a total count of active FSL members in the community. They will seek opportunities for funding and keep track of all board finances.

Director of Philanthropy and Community Service: Kirby Thomas

Position Description: The director of philanthropy and community service will coordinate philanthropic and community service events for the fraternal and campus community. He/She will be in charge of organizing a campus wide philanthropy event and choosing an agency to support. They must keep a total of all philanthropy dollars raised/donated and community service hours of all chapters.

Director of Public Relations and Media: Katherine Barker

Position Description: The director of public relations and media will be in charge of preparing and distributing newsletters for the Fraternity & Sorority community, sending editorials to the Voyager, and overseeing all media efforts to include taking pictures and videos at FSL events and managing social media sites for Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Director of Social Programming: Alyssa Whele

Position Description: The director of social programming will coordinate programs that serve the purpose of unifying the fraternal community through intentional social interaction. He/She will serve as the chairperson of the Greek Week committee, overseeing operations and leading the committee in planning a purposeful program that promotes unity among our Fraternities & Sororities.

Director of Educational Programming: Brandi Crews

Position Description: The director of educational programming will create, promote, and continue programs that serve an educational purpose to the fraternal community. He/She will assist in the coordination of programs such as Mt. Olympus and Acropolis, as well as create additional engaging educational events.

Director of Alumni Outreach: Harry Martin

Position Description: The director of alumni outreach will serve to manage communications between the fraternal community and individuals who are alumni from UWF Fraternities & Sororities. He/She will update alumni on the state of FSL at UWF each semester, as well as send invitations to alumni for FSL wide events. The director of alumni outreach must establish and maintain good relationships with alumni relations and UWF alumni.

Director of University Engagement: Devonte Wilson

Position Description: The director of University Engagement will coordinate efforts to excite university students, faculty and staff about the fraternal community. He/She will work to incorporate all students, faculty and staff in FSL events and advocate for the fraternal community at university functions. The director of University Engagement must establish and maintain good relationship with university students, faulty, and staff.