Greek Week

Greek Week full of many fun events in which fraternities and sororities participate in to compete for points. Greek Week starts on Thursday and goes through Sunday. The 2014 Greek Week included events like Brain Bowl, Volleyball, Service Day, Greek Sync, and Flag Football. Organizations are also awarded for their spirit and sportsmanship throughout the week.

AXO Cheering on Volleyball Teams

2014 Overall Winners

Greek Week Fraternity Division: Pi Kappa Alpha

Greek Week Sorority Division: Alpha Chi Omega

Greek God: Michael Solomon, Sigma Alpha Mu

Greek Goddess: Marissa Bellas, Phi Sigma Sigma

Greek Week Spirit/Sportsmanship: Sigma Alpha Mu and Alpha Gamma Delta


2013 Overall Winners

Greek Week Fraternity Division: Sigma Alpha Mu

Greek Week Sorority Division: Alpha Chi Omega

Greek God: Adam Hamilton, Sigma Chi

Greek Goddess: Samantha Neckles, Alpha Gamma Delta

Greek Week Spirit/Sportsmanship: Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Chi Omega