Distinguished Fellows

The UWF Foundation Fellows are individuals nominated by the Board of Directors of the Foundation and confirmed by the President of the University. This honor is extended to persons of merit and distinction based on both service and support of the Foundation Board and University.

This distinguished group may be consulted, individually or collectively, by the President of the University of West Florida, President of the Foundation, or the Board of Directors on matters or University objectives. They may also serve as ambassadors for the Foundation at University and community events.

  • Richard R. Baker
  • Lewis Bear, Jr.
  • Ann F. Belleau
  • William J. Board
  • J. Earle Bowden
  • K.C. Clark
  • The Honorable Lacey A. Collier
  • Nancy Fetterman
  • Marny Gilluly
  • Bill H. Greenhut
  • Dr. Pat N. Groner
  • Dr. E. W. Hopkins Jr.
  • Dr. Patricia Howe
  • Marvin Kaiman
  • Britt Landrum
  • J. Collier Merrill
  • Eric J. Nickelsen
  • Mort O’Sullivan
  • Donald H. Partington
  • Walter J. (Buzz) Ritchie
  • Elizabeth (Betty) Vickers