SLS1990: College Survival Skills

College Survival Skills (SLS1990) is a course offered by the First Year Advising Center to help you through navigating the college landscape.

To take advantage of the opportunities ahead, be sure to speak with your advisor about registering for SLS1990: College Survival Skills, a 1-credit hour course that will help you to:

  • Maximize your potential for college success
  • Ease the transition from high school to college
  • Learn about campus resources
  • Improve study habits and skills

What would I study in the College Survival Skills course?

We designed the College Survival Skills course to anticipate all the questions and challenges that you might face in your first year. The course is dedicated to helping you achieve success with faculty who know a lot about UWF and who want you to succeed.

Topics in the course include:

developing research skills
learning how to talk to professors
identifying campus officials that can help you with specific problems
working out inevitable interpersonal challenges, and
deriving study strategies that work to help you achieve the most learning and the best grades

I had good grades in high school. If I'm good enough to be admitted to UWF, do I really need a special class on college success strategies?

High school and college ask very different things from you as a learner. In college, your professors will expect that you are mature, independent, and reliable, which reduces some external structure to support your learning. Some students find this new freedom from high school structure is difficult to manage. In addition, many students report that their good high school grades came from memorizing the material presented. In college, your professors are going to ask you to do more than memorize; they will ask you to think! That level of challenge, combined with your need to be self-motivated, can be daunting. The course can make all the difference in your ability to persist and thrive in college.

What evidence do you have that the course has value?

Our College Survival Skills students typically report a higher grade point average after their first year in college than students who didn't have the class. In addition, they tend to show a stronger tendency toward completing their degrees compared to students who didn't get that helpful background. Taking College Survival Skills is a good investment that pays great dividends in your college success.

When is College Survival Skills available?

You can view the available College Survival Skills sections by using the Student Course Search.