Parent Access and Payments

A parent portal is available for online payments through CashNet. Student authorization is required and must be submitted through the Account Balance app in MyUWF.  The parent or authorized user will receive an email once authorized by the student.  Instructions on setting up a Parent Pin.

Parents or authorized users have access to make a payment and view payment history and the student’s account balance; this authorization does not allow access to financial aid, grades, or other online student information.  For this type of access, please see the section related to FERPA.


FERPA-Student's Right to Privacy
  • A student’s right to privacy is protected under FERPA – The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.  This regulation is explained in detail on the Registrar’s website.  We are unable to discuss students' accounts with anyone other than the student unless the student submits a written authorization. 
  • The Authorization for Release of Student Information (FERPA) must be completed in MyUWF in order for any UWF staff member to discuss student records with anyone other than the student.  The Authorization for Release of Student Information is found in the Contact and Privacy Info app and under the Privacy tab.
Fee Payment
  • The tuition for the University of West Florida includes base tuition and mandatory fees. The schedule of tuition, fees and other special fees applies to all regularly enrolled students at the University of West Florida. Required fees are established by the Florida Board of Governors, Florida Legislature, and UWF’s Board of Trustees and are generally updated each fall term. The University will make every possible effort to advertise any changes in fees when, and if, they occur.

    You are required to complete a Financial Responsibility Statement through your MyUWF account prior to registering each term. This statement outlines the terms and conditions of the financial responsibilities and obligations associated with attending the University of West Florida.

    2016-17 Tuition and Fees
    The standard per credit tuition amounts for 2015-16 are listed below. Online, material and supplies, and other miscellaneous fees are not included. Detailed fee information is available on the Registrar’s Office website.

    FL resident - $211.98/credit hour
    AL resident - $316.98/credit hour
    Non-FL resident - $641.37/credit hour

    FL resident - $377.60/credit hour
    AL resident - $482.60/credit hour
    Non-FL resident - $1037.24/credit hour

    Payment of Fees

    Fees may be paid by any of the following methods:

    1.    Tuition and fees, housing, and mandatory meal plans may be paid online using your checking or savings account through CashNet via MyUWF. An echeck payment results in an electronic debit of your bank account. There is no additional fee assessed for an echeck payment. If your payment is returned unpaid by your bank for any reason, your student account will be assessed a return item fee.
    2.    Credit and debit cards may also be used to make payments for tuition and fees, housing, and mandatory meal plans through MyUWF. The University partners with CashNet to process credit and debit card payments and a convenience fee of 2.75% will be charged. This fee will be added to your total payment and is non-refundable.  The convenience fee of 2.75% will be displayed prior to completion of hte transaction. Your completion of the transaction acknowledges acceptance of these payment terms.
    3.    Students that elect to pay with their BankMobile Vibe debit card will also be assessed a convenience fee.
    4.    Students may elect to pay with a Foreign Currency online through CashNet via MyUWF. Western Union, a respected leader in the realm of currency exchange, provides a mechanism to facilitate foreign currency payments.
    5.    A parent portal will be available for online payments through CashNet. Student authorization is required.
    6.    Payments by cash, check, money order, or traveler's check may be made in person at the University Cashier's Office, Building 20 East, 8:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. CST, Monday -Friday, for tuition and fees, housing, mandatory meal plans, and other miscellaneous charges.
    7.    Drop-Box depository located at Building 20 East on the main campus. All payments must be in an envelope and include the student's name and UWF ID number to ensure correct and timely processing. Payments must be deposited in the depository by the close of business on the fee payment due date to be considered on time. Do not include cash when using the drop-box.
    8.    By mail. Mail must be received by the due date to be considered on time. Postmark date is not considered on time. All payments must include the student's name and UWF ID number to ensure correct and timely processing. Mail payments to UWF Cashier's Office, 11000 University Parkway, Building 20 East, Pensacola, FL 32514-5750.

    Students paying fees by mail or by drop-box depository must include all fee payment documents (original copies of fee waiver forms, fee deferment forms, tuition aid forms, etc.) to ensure proper and timely credit for payment. Students are expected to meet all financial obligations as they become due. UWF reserves the right to cancel the registration of students who fail to promptly meet their financial obligations to the University. Students may not pay delinquent account balances applicable to a prior academic year from financial aid awards applicable to the current academic year. All delinquent balances must be paid in full prior to the disbursement of current term financial aid. It is each student’s responsibility to stay informed of all registration and fee payment dates, deadlines, and other requirements by referring to the Academic Calendar and viewing their Account Balance in CashNet via MyUWF. If necessary, students should inform their parents or other interested parties of the deadline dates and the necessity for meeting them.

Parent PLUS Loan Refund

If you have borrowed a Parent PLUS Loan, the loan will be applied to your student’s outstanding balance for tuition, room and board, and other authorized charges.  If there are funds available in excess of what the student owes, the refund/credit balance will be sent either to the parent directly by check or to the student's designated refund preference. When the Parent PLUS Loan application is submitted to Financial Aid, the parent will select how a credit balance should be refunded.

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