PCI Compliance

PCI DSS Security Policies

PCI Compliance and Credit Card Transactions


The University of West Florida accepts on-line credit card payments as a convenience to our customers.  Students may make payments on-line through their MYUWF account for current charges. UWF accepts Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card transactions.

Due to the nature of their activities, several departments have been authorized to accept credit card transactions for their specific programs. These departments must follow strict procedures to safeguard and protect the customers' credit card information.


Departments must be authorized by the University Controller in order to collect funds by credit card. To begin this process, the department should discuss the proposed activity with the University Cashiers who can be reached at (850) 474-2120. The Cashiers may be able to accommodate the collections through existing systems, or may recommend that the Department submit a Dept Request for Authorization ‌ (pdf) form along with supporting documentation clearly describing the nature and scope of the proposed activity.

Dept Request for Authorization  (pdf) forms will be reviewed and evaluated by Financial Services and ITS for security issues related to the protection of customer Cardholder Data. Every proposal must assure the protection of Cardholder Data and compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Council has established Data Security Standards that must be complied with by all entities that accept credit card transactions. These standards include controls for handling and restricting credit card information, and related computer and Internet security. UWF is dedicated to full compliance with PCI DSS.


The following personnel may be contacted for questions or further information:

Linda Howard             Cashiers                  474-2120


Procedures, Forms, and Links

The following procedures forms and links are related to credit card transactions:


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