Satisfactory Academic Progress

Minimum academic requirements to remain financial aid eligible are included below:

Financial aid recipients must comply with UWF's satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirement for GPA, Completion Ratio (CR), and Maximum Time Limit (MTL).

1. Minimum cumulative UWF GPA

  • Undergraduate Students:
    • 1 - 29 hours: 1.80
    • 30 + hours: 2.00
  • Scholarship Recipients:
    • 3.00 - unless otherwise noted
  • Graduate, Specialist and Doctorate:
    • 3.00 - at all times

2. Minimum cumulative Completion Ratio for all students: 67%

Satisfactory completion means that a student must complete at least 67% of the courses in which they enroll with the following grades: A, B, C, D, P, and S. Unacceptable grades include F, N, U, I (incomplete), W, WF, WR, TR, V (extended incomplete) and X (audit). Transfer hours from previous institutions and repeat coursework are included in the completion ratio.

Students declared ineligible for financial aid on the basis of unsatisfactory academic progress may appeal the decision in writing by completing the Satisfactory Academic Appeal Form.  Students may access this form by logging into their my.uwf account and searching for "Financial Aid Forms."

Reinstatement Policy: A student that chooses not to appeal, or whose appeal is denied, will regain eligibility once the minimum standards for GPA and/or completion ratio are achieved. The student is responsible for contacting the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships when standards are reached. January 25th is the deadline to submit SAP appeals for Spring semester.

3. Maximum Time Limit: 180 credit hours is the maximum time limit for an undergraduate student; 54 credit hours is the maximum time limit for a graduate student. All coursework taken is included in these totals (transfer hours, repeat coursework, withdrawals, F's, etc.) The maximum time limit for a second bachelor's, second master's, or doctoral student is 150% of the program length. If your academic program requires more than the standard 120 undergraduate or 36 graduate credit hours, the maximum time limit will be adjusted accordingly.