About the Family Association

We invite you to join over 1,000 family association members and receive:

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  • A network of professional staff to support and assist your family
  • Important deadlines and dates affecting your student
  • Timely campus news and information to support your student
  • Access to campus resources to ensure your student’s academic success
  • Special invitations to campus events for you and your student

We encourage you to sign-up for the dues-free family association in order to receive the most consistent and up-to-date university information through email and the e-newsletter. Your membership ensures that you stay connected to UWF! To join the UWF Family Association, please fill out our sign up form.


  • Monthly e-newsletter and bi-weekly email communication: We will email you updates on campus events, reminders for deadlines and dates, and information on University activities that affect students and parents.
  • News and Safety Information: We will keep you up-to-date regarding campus and personal safety news via email. If there is a safety advisory or incident on or around campus, we will relay the information through the UWF emergency alert system.

2013 Newsletters

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