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Family Programs

Welcome, Argo Families! Family Programs is housed in Student Transition Programs where we focus on partnering with parents, family members, and educational supporters to promote holistic student development and success.

Parent and Family Association

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The Parent and Family Association has a $50.00 lifetime fee. Upon the completion of your registration, we will contact you to determine how you will collect your Parent and Family Association materials.

Argo Family Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

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Check out the full list of webinar topics for this semester here! Please be sure to open all seminar recordings in a google chrome web browser.

The Argo Family Lunch and Learn Webinar Series is a platform for UWF parents and families to learn more about resources and services offered to ALL UWF students. Parents and family members will have the opportunity to interact with UWF faculty and staff in a family-centered environment.

Upcoming Webinars

Please stay tuned for future webinars!

Webinar Recordings (please use google chrome to view recordings)

Involving Families

Attend a UWF event with your student; volunteer your time and talent; and read the Argo Family Connection to stay updated on the latest University developments. Parental involvement opportunities await you!


Educating Families

Read the latest parent-focused transitional articles, update your knowledge about campus policies, and check back often to review recommended family resources. Engage effectively with your emerging adult!


Supporting Families

Connect with other Argo parents and family members, find support through the family assistance line, and read the FAQs.

Robin Zimmern
Associate Dean of Students, Robin Zimmern

We Welcome You to the Argo Family!

Welcome to the University of West Florida - home of the Argonauts!  On behalf of the UWF community and Student Transition Programs, we welcome you to the Argo Family. UWF is a diverse community with benefits for students, parents and family members.  As your student adjusts to university life, we know that as parents and family members you too will experience new challenges and milestones with your student.  Family Programs is a great resource for information at the University: 1) connecting you with valuable resources and services, 2) informing you of important student issues, 3) facilitating your involvement as an Argo parent or family member. 

Meet the Family Programs staff!

Interested in joining the UWF Parent and Family Association? Fill out the membership interest form!