Standard Operating Procedures

Plant Operations (FM)

FM 1.001 Animals in Buildings

FM 1.002 Driver's License Verification

FM 1.003 Facilities Response to Fire Alarms

FM 1.004 Work Request Process

FM 1.005 Payroll Certification

FM 1.006 Power Outage

FM 1.007 Personal Protective Equipment

FM 1.008 P-Card Procedure

FM 1.009 Ladder Use

FM 1.010 Roof Access/Respirator Protection - Bldg. 13 & 58

FM 1.011 Building Occupant Notification

FM 1.012 Electrical Hazard Protection

FM 1.014 Computer Use

FM 1.015 Identify Underground Utilities

FM 1.016 Maintenance Stock Room

FM 1.017 Facilities New Chemical Approval Process

FM 1.018 Completed Work OrdersFM 1.018 Completed Work Orders

FM 1.019 FMLA Request

FM 1.020 Equipment Loans

FM 1.021 Compensatory Time

FM 1.022 Bleachers - Bldg. 54

FM 1.023 Facilities Management Attire

FM 1.024 Closing Completed Work Orders

FM 1.025 Campus Elevator Service Requests

FM 1.026 Radio Use Protocol

FM 1.027 Contractor Access to Secured Areas

FM 1.028 Travel Procedures

FM 1.028 Travel Procedures

FM 1.031 Driving University Vehicles/ Off - Campus Sites

FM 1.032 Hiring of Employees Guidelines

FM 1.033 Process for Adding New Workers to Payroll

FM 1.034 Work Order Flow

FM 1.035 Unidentifiable Packages

FM 1.036 Accident Investigation Process

FM 1.037 Work Order Prioritization

FM 1.042 Entering Information into TMA

FM 1.044 BAS Training

FM 1.045 BAS Temperature Alarm - Bldg. 90

FM 1.046 Monthly Billing for Facility Maintenance Warehouse Charges

FM 1.048 Lights Out Energy Savings Policy

FM 1.048 Lights Out Energy Savings Policy

FM 1.051 Orange Safety Vest Use

FM 1.052 Equipment Pre - Operation Inspection

FM 1.053 Refueling of University Vehicles (Normal)

FM 1.054 Refueling of University Vehicles (Emergency)

FM 1.055 TMA Project Warranty Procedure

Utility Services

FM 6.001 HVAC Set-points & Hour of Operation

FM 6.003 Medium Voltage Electrical System

FM 6.007 Emg. Generator Operations Weely Checklist

FM 6.009 Chiller Start Up- Bldg. 40

FM 6.010 Air Compressor Operations Weekly Checklist

FM 6.010 Air Compressor Operations Weekly Checklist

FM 6.013 Med Voltage Electrical Sys/Switching Alternate

FM 6.014 Med Voltage Electrical Sys/Switching Alternate

FM 6.015 Chill Water System Isolation

FM 6.016 Utilities Trouble Call Log Sheet

FM 6.017 Houskeeping Assignments- Utilities Personnel

FM 6.018 Internal Climbing of Water Tower

FM 6.019 Hurricane Generator Fuel Records

FM 6.021 Portable Water Wells After-Hours Trouble Calls

FM 6.022 Changing Filters/Hot Water Circluation Sytem

FM 6.023 Pool Operations - Village West

FM 6.024 High Voltage Switch Operation

FM 6.025 Changing Filters-Cold Water Circulating System

FM 6.026 Chlorine Cylinder Change Out

FM 6.027 Portable Pump Use

FM 6.028 Boiler Start Up On Fuel Oil

FM 6.029 Water Tank By-Pass/Off Line

FM 6.030 Water Sampling Plan for Water System

FM 6.031 Portable Fuel Oil Tank Operation

FM 6.032 Trihalomethanes & Haloacetic Acids

FM 6.033 Potable Water Well Checks

FM 6.034 Overhead Utility Pole Numbering

FM 6.035 Fire Hydrant Flushing Procedure

FM 6.036 Siemens BAS Control Hot/Chill Water Valves

FM 6.037 Siemens BAS Building Entrance Loop Control

Fm 6.038 Access/Water Tank/ Cell Phone Co

FM 6.039 Potable Water System Sample Protocols

FM 6.040 Campus Sewer Problems ( Emergency)

FM 6.042 Lockout/Tagout‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌