Moving Services

Moving Dolly and Boxes

Moving Soon? Take a look below for all information needed to execute your move quickly and effectively.

The Facilities Management Department provides the labor necessary to move furniture and any other itmes requiring a truck and moving equipment. The office planning the move should send a Work Request form to the Work Control Center via the Facilities website or Make sure you indicate the builidng and room number of the present location and the location to which the items are to be moved. The Work Request must be approved by the Department Chairperson or appropriate designee. 

  1. The Work Control Center, Ext. 6000, of the Facilities Management Department will accept the work request for the campus department move following the guidelines herein.   Architectural and Engineering Services will be notified for moves pertinent to remodeling/renovations only.

Work Request forms and layout information must be received seven (7) days in advance for small moves and fifteen (15) days in advance for large moves.

Telecommunications Service Center, Information Technology, Ext. 6065: Please indicate telephone moves by providing the line number, present location, new location, and the user name.  Please allow sufficient time for this work to be coordinated with your move.

Note: ITS no longer prepares PC’s/Hardware, etc. for relocation. Your Department Computer Systems Manager should do this in preparation.  CPU’s, printers, copiers, scanners, etc., can be moved by Building Services IF they are packed and cushioned in their “original boxes.”

  1. Make a small sketch of the new location, indicating the exact location of all items to be moved, and copy the Work Request and send through campus mail.
  1. Prior to the move, tag all items indicating the building and room number of the new location. Boxes of printed material, paper goods, etc., must always be packed securely by the user.  In all cases, this material must be large enough to justify the use of a truck and the Building Services moving crew.   Do not include shelving, wall brackets, chalk boards, marker boards, etc., to be moved.  These items will stay in their existing location.
  1. Any move involving items with University of West Florida property control numbers must first be approved by the Controller’s Office.
  1. Before the day of the move, all loose materials must be packed and boxed, desks cleaned out, shelves cleaned off, and files emptied (unless drawers are removable).  It is recommended that smaller personal items be moved by the department requesting the service and that the department submit a request for boxes and attach a list of all items to be moved.   Boxes come in two (2) common sizes, 1.5 cu. ft. and 3.0 cu. ft.  Please indicate sizes on your work order and the number of boxes of each needed.
  1. A representative of the department should be identified as the contact person and be on hand during the move.
  1. Identify what existing furniture will be required to be disassembled and reassembled by the Moving Services/Special Events Unit of the Facilities Management Department.   Note: New furniture will be assembled by the vendor and be part of the requisition process through the Department of Procurement and Contracts. 
  1. The Facilities Management Department is not permitted or qualified to move delicate or sensitive equipment or extremely heavy items.  Manufacturers, and in some cases service contractors, may need to be consulted before these items can be moved.
  1. Please request new keys from Facilities Maintenance  Key Request Form.  Refer to Standard Operating Procedure FS 1002 Key Control Policy.
  1. Please notify other campus departments such as the Information Center, Human Resources, University Police, Business and Auxiliary Services, and the Post Office of your relocation. 
  1. Please notify the Space Management Unit within the Department of Architectural and Engineering Services to note change of room use (example: office to storage room, classroom to offices, etc.) at Ext. 3427.