Facilities Maintenance

UWF Building 91
UWF Facilities Maintenance, Building 91

The Department of Building and Grounds Services provides custodial, special events set-ups, moving, grounds maintenance, and selected landscape improvement services for the University's Education and General (E & G) physical facility spaces and landscaped/routinely mowed (non-timber) acres. Department responsibilities include recurring services required to keep buildings, landscaped grounds, Athletic Complex NCAA competition fields and multipurpose recreation fields in a safe operating condition and acceptable level of service aligned with resource availability. These services are non-chargeable.

Do you need on-campus maintenance service quickly? Call 857-6000.

Vision, Mission & Values

  • Provide exceptional quality work and customer satisfaction to the overall University community.
  • Maintain an efficient environment that supports and enhances the University's mission within an atmosphere reflecting an image of excellence. Provide the highest degree of effective and efficient building and mechanical maintenance services possible...this is the sole purpose of our existence.
  • Improve upon each unit's strengths using performance measurement indicators where applicable.Focus on pursuing new "opportunities" within each unit to result with "best practices".Create a "buck stops here" culture where each individual practices "I'm Responsible".Focus on doing everything in a completely ethical manner and proving effective financial stewardship of the University's assets.Customer service focused....treat everyone as your customer.