Facilities Maintenance

UWF Building 91
UWF Facilities Maintenance, Building 91

The Department of Facilities Maintenance is a diverse group of innovative and talented professionals who provide high-quality facilities maintenance in support of education and research at University of West Florida. We are committed to being fully responsive to the needs of faculty, staff, students and the public. Work requests can be initiated online https://mainthelp.argo.uwf.edu:11011/ or by contacting the Work Control Center at 857-6000.

Operating Budget Funded Responsibilities

Is this request funded by the Education and General maintenance budget?

Questions frequently arise on campus regarding where responsibility lies for the maintenance and repair of existing buildings and equipment.  The following document explains items funded from the recurring maintenance operating budget and the rationale behind it.  If the explanation below does not meet your particular situation or a more detailed explanation is desired, please contact Facilities Maintenance, Bldg. 91, Ext. 3248, Utilities Maintenance, B.40, Ext. 2954, or Facilities Development and Operations Administration, B.90, Ext. 2007.

Items included in maintenance

UWF Facilities and Utilities maintenance is funded to make repairs for existing permanent Education and General (E & G) funded facilities funded by the state or general revenue, including campus grounds, used for academic or administrative functions.  This budget is supplemented by annual Legislative appropriations from Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) Maintenance, Repair, Remodel, Renovation, and Site Improvements (MRRR) funds for selected items.  Facilities Maintenance retains updated condition assessments of selected recurring/replacement priority lists.  These items are funded within the available resources of E & G funds and PECO MRRR funds.  The lists are as follows: a) floor covering, b) painting, and c) sidewalks.

Maintenance includes all items related to routine repair of existing buildings and structures, including normally recurring repairs and preventive maintenance.  Note: Project work that includes improvements or alterations beyond the existing condition is not funded by this annual operating resources.  The quantity/volume of what maintenance can be accomplished within the items is limited by available budget resources.  The following maintenance items are included:

  • Interior and exterior of buildings;
  • Plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation;
  • Electrical repairs of all types including primary and secondary systems, certain lamp replacements (requiring special ladders and rigging) and maintenance of outdoor lighting fixtures (excluding energy costs);
  • Exterior painting;
  • Hardware, locks, keys, closers and records for same;
  • Roofing and sheet metal work, including downspouts and gutters;
  • Elevators
  • Utility distribution systems inside and outside of buildings — electrical, heating, process steam, water lines, gas lines and sewer lines (storm and sanitary);
  • Operating and replacement costs of all equipment, materials and tools used in UWF Facilities and Utilities maintenance. 

Items excluded from Utilities and Facilities Maintenance Funding

There are a variety of facilities and equipment within general fund buildings that are excluded from state maintenance funding. These exclusions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Department inventoried equipment;
  • Distilled water systems;
  • Compressed air systems and other air supply systems not intended for building environmental (heating and ventilating) control;
  • Vacuum systems;
  • Movable furniture (classroom seating, tables, and podiums), fixtures, and equipment.
  • Fixed and moveable Information Technology Services Equipment, data and telephone systems.  Wire, fiber optics and wireless media needed to support data and telephone systems.

There is another easy way to identify the exclusions. Visualize a common classroom or office building devoid of furniture, office machines, laboratories, people, programs, computers and similar features. For example, imagine the classrooms of the Science and Engineering or College of Business Education Center, between semesters, emptied of furniture and audio-visual equipment. Anything added to these buildings will be outside the funded responsibility of Utilities and Facilities Maintenance resource.   Also excluded from FDO Utilities and Facilities Maintenance funded services are facilities with other sources of funds, such as bond revenue residence halls. 

How the guidelines were developed and questions.

The Florida Statute 1013 was used to develop the guidelines.   If the above guidelines do not address your particular situation or a more detailed explanation is desired, contact the Facilities Development and Operations Administration at (850) 474-2007 or by e-mail at lwicker@uwf.edu for additional information.

Vision, Mission & Values


  • Provide exceptional quality work and customer satisfaction to the overall University community.
  • Maintain an efficient environment that supports and enhances the University's mission within an atmosphere reflecting an image of excellence. Provide the highest degree of effective and efficient building and mechanical maintenance services possible...this is the sole purpose of our existence.
  • Improve upon each unit's strengths using performance measurement indicators where applicable.Focus on pursuing new "opportunities" within each unit to result with "best practices".Create a "buck stops here" culture where each individual practices "I'm Responsible".Focus on doing everything in a completely ethical manner and proving effective financial stewardship of the University's assets.Customer service focused....treat everyone as your customer.