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Laboratory Sciences Annex, Phase I of III

FY14-15 appropriated State of Florida $11 million appropriated Building 58 Lab Sciences Renovation project, for which the funds were re-appropriated in FY1516 for a new Laboratory Sciences Annex. The new building will be connected to Building 58 on the south elevation. Additional Phases II and III project funding is requested.

Grounds Improvement Project

Grounds Services has initiated a project in the vicinity of the canoe launch at the Edward Ball Nature Trail. The goal of this project will be to open a line of sight to Thompson's Bayou from the east through the removal of non-native trees & vegetation, select removal of less desirable or unhealthy species, and tree pruning by a certified arborist. Additional improvements to reduce sedimentation of the Bayou and public access will be explored. 
Grounds Services and Environmental Health & Safety have met on-site with an environmental consultant for expert guidance to ensure adherence to all applicable procedures and statutes.



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