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Construction Notification


Tennis Courts East Athletic Complex Phase I (Infrastructure and Batting Facility)

Project work substantially complete as of November 2015. Work included: (1) site work storm water and infrastructure improvements, including enlargement of retention pond near parking lot SP2; and also (2) construction of new six lane batting facility, located east of the existing baseball field, which will serve the baseball and softball teams. 

College of Business, Phase III of III

This is an $8.4 million FY13-14 State of Florida appropriated funded project. Building 53 renovation work substantially complete as of October 2015. Building 75 deferred maintenance complete and Building 52 life safety / deferred maintenance work in process of completion. Building 74 and 76 previously completed. Pedestrian Pathway Changes - Sidewalks and Landscaping work is scheduled to be completed by January 2016. Refer to the UWF Construction Safety Map (link) for additional information.

Laboratory Sciences Annex, Phase I of III

FY14-15 appropriated State of Florida $11 million appropriated Building 58 Lab Sciences Renovation project, for which the funds were re-appropriated in FY1516 for a new Laboratory Sciences Annex. The new building will be connected to Building 58 on the south elevation. Additional Phases II and III project funding is requested.

Professional Qualification Solicitation for Design Professional and Construction Manager at Risk: In process with anticipated letting of contracts in first quarter of 2016.

Building 54 Critical Deferred Maintenance HVAC work, Phase I: Phase I construction in progress with scheduled completion by March 2016.