Facilities Development & Operations News

 Holiday Break Campus Power Outage

We have scheduled an inspection and maintenance of our medium voltage switchgear located in Building 40 (Central Utility Plant) during the Holiday Break on Dec. 26th thru Dec. 28th.

 A campus power outage up to two hours is required so that Gulf Power can switch from our primary to alternate power feed. During this outage, buildings without emergency generators will have no power.  This initial outage is scheduled for Monday Dec. 26th at 7:30am.

 Once the alternate power feed is energized campus buildings will have power restored.

 During the inspection and maintenance of the medium voltage electrical gear located in building 40, buildings 40, 84 and 46 will be operating off the emergency generator located at building 40.  The emergency generator will operate the central campus heating system, but not the central chillers and cooling systems.

 At the conclusion of the inspection and maintenance of the medium voltage switchgear located in building 40, power will then be switched back from the alternate to primary power feed.

This is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday morning Dec. 28th at 7:30am.  Another two hour campus power outage is associated with this switching.

Outage times are weather dependent, but we’ll do our best to stay on schedule and shorten outage times if possible.

 If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to call or email Ron Northrup at 850-474-2040 or rnorthru@uwf.edu.


 Construction Notification


Laboratory Sciences Annex, Phase I of III

FY14-15 appropriated State of Florida $11 million appropriated Building 58 Lab Sciences Renovation project, for which the funds were re-appropriated in FY1516 for a new Laboratory Sciences Annex. The new building will be connected to Building 58 on the south elevation. Additional Phases II and III project funding is requested.