UWF Men's Empowerment Network (UWF MEN)

UWF MEN is a program designed to offer academic support and mentoring opportunities for students. Participants are required to uphold a standard of academic and professional excellence.



University of West Florida Men’s Empowerment Network (UWF MEN) is a program designed to offer academic and social support as well as mentoring opportunities for male college students at The University of West Florida. All students who participate are required to uphold a standard of academic and professional excellence.  The goal of the program is to increase recruitment, retention and graduation rates of male college students from all backgrounds.

New! Diversity Workshops

The Office of Equity and Diversity offers a wide variety of diversity workshops for students, faculty and staff. Workshops help create awareness and foster a positive and supportive campus community. There are opportunities for dialogue, engagement, education, cultural enrichment, and addressing key concerns about the campus climate for diversity. Workshop topics include but are not limited to social inequities; gender, sexuality and LGBTQIA identities; microaggressions; power, privilege and oppression; intercultural communication. The workshops are facilitated by staff members in the Office of Equity and Diversity or student diversity council members. To request a workshop, please use the form below.

Diversity Workshop Request

How Students Can Participate

The MEN Cave Experience

The MEN Cave is open to any and all men who want to participate. The MEN Cave is a place where UWF male students can come together to have a safe, positive, and mind-provoking conversations about issues affecting men today.

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program will allow for each sophomore student to have a personal mentor who is invested in the academic and social success of the student. Though this program is targeted toward sophomores, any man in the program (after completing the MEN Cave Experience) is welcome to a mentor. Students are also encouraged to maintain their mentorships after sophomore year.

Culture Trips

UWF MEN is a program that focuses on the growth and success of male students in and out of the classroom. The culture trips are designed to provide our students with a chance to visit and learn about a new culture. Locations will vary from New Orleans, LA to Atlanta, GA. During culture trips students will visit public zoos, museums and historical monuments.

How Professionals Can Participate


A MENtor is a committed campus or community professional who is committed to mentoring sophomore male students for one academic year., as part of the Sophomore Mentoring Program. The MENtor serves as a support system for the student, while also supporting the initiative.

Become a Session Facilitator

All MENtors and active males in the community are encouraged to facilitate and share their knowledge to our UWF MEN students. UWF MEN students are required to attend MEN Caves and MEN Shops throughout the semester. These events are a perfect place for MENtors and men to share information on how UWF MEN students can better themselves.


UWF MEN is actively seeking donors to support this important initiative. 

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