Student Participation Process

Freshman and First Year Transfer Males

Freshman and first year males will be invited to join the Men's Empowerment Network at the beginning of each fall semester. The first year males will participate in workshops that emphasize professionalism, networking and adjusting to college, as well as offer academic support. After successful completion of the first year, students will be recognized and invited to apply for the Sophomore Mentoring Program.

Sophomore Mentoring Program

Students who are selected to participate in the Sophomore Mentoring Program will be paired with mentore from the UWF MEN Advisory Board. They will engage in mentoring activities during sophomore year and serve as active participants in the annual conference.  Upon completion of the year, each will be recognized and charged to participate in the Junior Challenge.

The Junior Challenge

Mentored by a small group of advisory board members, juniors who completed the Sophomore Mentoring Program will be encouraged to work as a cohort on a serve project.  They will be guided through the process of fundraising, choosing a cause and serving some sector of the community through their efforts. They are also encouraged to attend annual events and support their fellow UWF MEN.

Senior Recognition

All seniors who have been active participants in the UWF MEN program will be challenged to focus on life beyond college in the senior year.  They will be encouraged to attend job and graduate school fairs, complete internships and help with the recruitment of UWF MEN. They will be honored at the annual gala upon graduation.