Testing Accommodations

Whenever possible, students are encouraged to schedule their exams under the direct supervision of their instructor or designee. If this is not possible, exams may be scheduled and proctored through SDRC.

Pencil and test form.

Testing Procedures

Instructors will be notified at the beginning of each semester of students registered for their courses who need testing accommodations. Students are required to discuss testing accommodations with their instructors in advance of exam dates. Refer to the SDRC Testing Procedures for more information. Faculty may also utilize the Testing Center directly to administer exams. To access the SDRC Student Test Accommodation Instruction Form, please login to MyUWF and search for "SDRC Forms". For more information please call the Testing Center at (850) 474-2387.

Online Testing Procedures and Options

Online classes should be designed to accommodate the needs of all students. Students with a disability should not be expected to come to the campus to take their exams. Below is guidance on providing extended time and options for proctoring exams.

Extended Time

If a student is eligible to receive extended time and is enrolled in an online class, the instructor should use the Special Access feature to override the availability and timing settings of a quiz for specific users. Additional information on this feature can be found at the Academic Technology Center website.

Proctoring Online Exams

At UWF there are four choices for completing proctored exams:

  • Come to campus (Face-to-Face): Faculty arranges for and schedules a classroom at UWF where students may come to take the exam while the course instructor proctors.
  • Students arrange for an exam proctor using the UWF proctor guidelines.
  • Utilize the University Testing Center (Online or Face-to-Face).
  • ProctorU is an online proctoring service that allows exam takers to complete their assessment at home.

Assistive Technology

The SDRC provides software items designed to compensate for areas of disability or impairment. Equipment available for check out or demonstration through the SDRC office includes (not an inclusive list):

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking: Speech recognition software that allows voice-activated text editing.
  • JAWS: Reads text from the screen aloud; used most commonly by individuals who are blind or have low vision.
  • Kurzweil Reader: Screen reader software that allows text to be scanned in and read aloud; used most often by visually impaired and students with disabilities.
  • ZoomText: Enlarges text on the computer monitor; used most often for individuals with low vision.
  • Smartpen: Computer pen equipped with a camera, microphone and speakers, as the note taker writes, the pen records an audio of the meeting and synchronizes the writing.

Download the PDF version of the SDRC "411" Guide.