Accommodations Overview

Prior to receiving academic accommodations, students must complete the registration process with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC). Accommodations are determined case-by-case and are based directly on current documentation of disability and the documented need for the requested accommodation.

Accommodations symbols.

Once accommodations/services have been approved, students are required to submit the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form each semester in order to use the accommodations. Accommodations are only provided on a semester-by-semester basis. This is necessary in order to prevent disclosure of information that a student wishes to keep private. Prior to submitting the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form, the student should attend class, review the syllabus and meet with the instructors to determine which accommodations are needed.

To access the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form, login to MyUWF and search for "SDRC Accommodate". This will take you to the SDRC Accommodate Student Portal, through which you can access the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form.

NOTE: Accommodations that require third-party support may be delayed (i.e., electronic textbooks or note takers) with the typical turnaround time being 4-6 weeks.

Please follow the links under Accommodations on the left side of this page for more information on specific accommodations.

For additional information about specific accommodations, please contact the SDRC at (850) 474-2387.