SDRC Ethical Standards

The mission of the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) is to enhance the college experience for students with disabilities by delivering innovative and high quality service through collaborative networks that ensure educational access and support for students with disabilities.

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Our goal is to ensure an accessible University experience where students with disabilities have the same access to programs, opportunities, and activities as all others.

To further the mission and philosophy of the University of West Florida and the Student Disability Resource center, the SDRC is committed to professional and ethical practices in decision-making and service-provision.

Guiding Standards

The SDRC staff receives annual ethics training and is guided by the following standards:

Ethical Standards in Practice at SDRC

  • SDRC staff have current understanding of disability that reflects disability studies scholarship and the disability community and continually explore these conceptual frameworks.
  • SDRC staff have an appreciation of disability as a valued aspect of diversity and as an integral part of postsecondary educational experience and the UWF community as a whole.
  • When feasible, SDRC staff include disabled students in creating an equitable and inclusive environment for the institution, including policy, procedure, and program development.
  • SDRC staff respect privacy and maintain confidentiality in communications and records.
  • SDRC staff have limits on disclosure of information contained in students’ records as well as requirements to disclose to appropriate authorities.
  • SDRC staff will confront and hold accountable other personnel who exhibit unethical behavior.
  • SDRC staff employ ethical decision making in the performance of their duties.
  • SDRC staff inform users of the programs and services of ethical obligations and limitations emanating from the codes and laws governing the work of this office.
  • SDRC staff recognize and avoid conflicts of interest that could adversely influence their judgment or objectivity and, when unavoidable, recuse themselves from the situation.
  • SDRC staff perform their duties within the scope of their position, training, expertise, and competence and make referrals when issues presented exceed the scope of the position.
  • SDRC staff respect the private nature of personal disability information in all elements of work and in relation to those we serve.