Mission, Vision, & Values


The Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs is committed to supporting and guiding students through their Argo journey.


We aspire to create a vibrant and connected community where students succeed.


While our strategic vision may change over time, our values remain constant. Our values embody who we are and what we do. Here at UWF, the Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs values,

Caring Maintaining a safe, dynamic learning and working environment that fosters the development of individual potential.
Collaboration Promoting a culture of supportive and cooperative interactions and communication to advance and achieve shared expectations and goals.
Creativity Providing opportunities to imagine, innovate, inspire, and express different approaches and solutions to existing and anticipated needs and challenges.
Entrepreneurship Encouraging a culture that identifies opportunities to initiate change.
Inclusiveness Welcoming, respecting, and celebrating the differences and the similarities among people and ideas.
Innovation Exploring, expanding, and enhancing learning as well as knowledge through transformational experiences.