Strategic Enrollment Planning

SEP Overview

In the 2012-2017 update to the University of West Florida Strategic Plan, UWF set a priority to “facilitate students’ access to and choice of the University of West Florida to meet their higher education needs” (UWF Strategic Priority 1.2). The Strategic Plan indicated that UWF should “develop and execute a University-wide coordinated and strategic recruitment and enrollment plan that defines an optimal student profile within the context of UWF’s mission and available resources.” In cooperation with the Director of Strategic Enrollment Planning and Institutional Research, the Director of Student Retention Initiatives, and other key individuals from throughout the University, the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Affairs leads UWF’s efforts to achieve this objective.

Strategic enrollment planning (SEP) “refers to a complex and organized effort to connect an institution’s mission, current state, and changing environment to long-term enrollment and fiscal health. SEP is a data-informed and ongoing process that identifies, evaluates, and modifies strategies and enrollment goals in light of internal and external forces that may influence the direction of the institution” (Hundrieser, 2012, p. 32).

The SEP initiative is led by a Strategic Enrollment Planning Council, chaired by the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Affairs. The Council reports to Provost Saunders. The SEP Steering Committee supports the SEP Council, includes an extensive representation from key areas, and oversees the working groups focused on enrollment-related topics.


Hundrieser, J. (2012). Building a culture of strategic enrollment management. In J. Hundrieser (Ed.), Strategic enrollment planning: A dynamic collaboration (pp. 31-44). Coralville, IA: Noel-Levitz.

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