Committee Members

Strategic Enrollment Planning Council


  • Provides oversight of the SEP process
  • Monitors, evaluates, and revises the plan
  • Meets on a quarterly basis to review the Steering Committee’s recommendations and reports
  • Tracks the key performance indicators identified in the Strategic Enrollment Plan
  • Communicates with campus constituents, solicits ideas, and provides updates and progress reports

Strategic Enrollment Planning Council

  1. Dr. Joffery Gaymon, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Affairs, Chair
  2. Dr. Beverly King, Director of Strategic Planning and Institutional Research
  3. Patrice Moorer, Director of Student Retention Initiatives
  4. Dr. Susan Stephenson, Vice President Business, Finance, and Facilities
  5. Dr. Brandon Frye, Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students for Student Affairs
  6. Martha Blodgett, Assistant Vice President of University Advancement
  7. Christopher Hill, SGA President
  8. Dr. Michael Huggins, Interim Dean College of Arts and Sciences
  9. Dr. Richard Houg, Faculty Senate President
  10. Dr. Richard Podemski, Associate Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School
  11. Dr. Tom Westcott, Dean of General Studies
  12. Dr. Tim O’Keefe, Interim Dean College of Business
  13. Karen Summers, Staff Senate Representative
  14. Dr. Robert Dugan, Dean University Libraries 
  15. Dr. Stacie Whinnery, Interim Dean College of Professional Studies

Strategic Enrollment Planning Steering Committee


  • Meets on a monthly basis to review data, assess strategies, develop action plans and determine direction
  • Leads focused planning/implementation activities and workgroups in their respective divisions/units/areas to develop strategies and corresponding action/support plans
  • Tracks measures of the effectiveness of each strategy and action step identified in the Strategic Enrollment Plan
  • Tracks updated information related to internal and external environmental assessments and projections
  • Informs the Council of the progress of the SEP and proposes changes or adjustments and recommendations regarding its implementation.

Seven Working Group Topics

  • Enrollment – Recruitment & Retention
  • Graduate Enrollment –Recruitment & Retention
  • Academic Experience
  • Marketing
  • Fiscal Resources
  • Student Affairs
  • Research & Data Analysis

SEP Steering Committee Membership

  1. Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Affairs, Co-Chair
  2. Director of Strategic Enrollment Planning and Institutional Research, Co-Chair
  3. Associate Vice Provost for Equity, Diversity & International Affairs
  4. Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  5. Director of the Graduate School
  6. Director of Financial Aid
  7. Executive Director of Marketing and Creative Services
  8. Director of Distance and Continuing Education
  9. Director of Student Retention Initiatives
  10. Director of Office of International Students
  11. Representative from Financial Services appointed by the Vice President of Business, Finance, and Facilities
  12. Representative from facilities appointed by the Vice President of Business, Finance, and Facilities
  13. Representative from Housing appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs
  14. Representative from Advancement/Alumni Relations appointed by the Vice President for University Advancement
  15. Additional Representative from Strategic Enrollment Planning & Institutional Research
  16. Representative from Information Technology Services
  17. Faculty representative(s) appointed by the Faculty Senate
  18. Staff representative (s) appointed by the Staff Senate
  19. Student representative(s) appointed by the Student Government Association